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Hello, and welcome to my genealogy homepage !

This website highlights the research I have done on the history of my family lines.   You will find  a wide variety of material
here to browse on my ancestors which include British Royalty, Mayflower connections and a number of Quaker ancestors.
Many of my pages show extended family lines, researchers, books and other useful information.
I have 2 confirmed gateway ancestors : Robert Abell and Marie Lawrence.

What's New
Schnall and Endlich surname pages
 Lady Godiva descents to Robert Abell (PDF)
Surname pages split into American Immigrant and Nobility sections
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60 American Immigrants Surname Research Pages

These are my research pages that cover American immigrant families.
Click here to view surname frames page by order of relation.

Abell Adams Alberti Andrews Bascom
Benjamin Bullard Burnham Chandler Chilton
Clark Clevenger Cowan Crews Dana
DeMoss Eddy Ellison Endlich Evarts
Fishman Furnas Gates Goodrich Grant
Greenberg Hawk Haynes Hickok Horner
Ingersoll Janney Jones Lawrence Loomis
Marshall McMulin Merrill Mote Moulton
Page Parsons Patty Pearson Post
Preston Ramsdell Richards Schnall Schwiening
Scudder Shaw Thompson Turner Watson
Wells Williams Woodward Worthington Wright

43 Nobility Surname Research Pages

These are my research pages that cover surnames of European nobility. 
Click here to view surname frames page by order of relation.

Atwood Audley Basset Beauchamp Berenger
Berkeley Blount Bohun Brereton Bull
Butler Capet Castile Clare Corbet
Cotton Davenport Despencer Devereux Dutton
Ferrers FitzAlan Flanders Goushill Honford
Hyde Lacon Legh Mainwaring Mortimer
Neville Pecche Percy Plantagenet Savage
Stafford Stanley Sutton Talbot Vernon
Warren White Zouche    

Royalty & Nobility, Mayflower and Presidents
crown.gif (3205 bytes) View a royal line of mine to King Edward I and Charlemagne. 
Gateway ancestors are considered to be colonial immigrants with significant traceable ancestry in England and Continental Europe. Robert Abell and Marie Lawrence both have established connections to British royalty and nobility.  They are considered solid enough to provide membership in societies like the "Order of the Crown of Charlemagne."   Other surnames with possible nobility connections are Hyde and Goodrich but they have not been proven at this time.
Ancestors of nobility who have pages on Wikipedia will have this symbol next to their name.  Clicking on it will go to the page.
A number of ancestors of nobility appear on The Peerage which can be useful as it often provides detailed source material. I link to their record with this symbol.
Here are some descents from Charlemagne to one of my ancestors.
Magna Carta Sureties - This page lists descents from signers to my gateway ancestor Robert Abell
sail-icon.gif (2001 bytes)  James Chilton was the oldest passenger on the Mayflower.  View my Mayflower ancestry.
washing.gif (4512 bytes) Here are the lines of some presidents that I share a common ancestor with: Grover Cleveland, Millard Fillmore, George Washington, Ulysses Grant, Franklin Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, Herbert Hoover and Calvin Coolidge
See a biography of Lady Godiva and multiple descents to gateway ancestor Robert Abell. 
  Coat of Arms - A number of my surnames are found on which provides a lot of history behind the coat of arms which were commonly used as well as related merchandise.


Special Pages

 I have a profile on the "Find a Grave" website.  I also link to their tombstone records when I find them.
 Whenever you see next to a person on my pages, click on it to go to their tombstone record.
I uploaded 20 photos and have created 1 memorial page.
A number of my pages have census records linked on them. 
Whenever you see this symbol it links directly to the FamilySearch website census record.

 A number of my ancestors fought in wars 

 Here are some stories of my ancestors encounters with Indians  
 See my Quaker ancestors with links to research and history pages  
   Immigrant ancestors list : Among my ancestors were those who left their homeland and made the journey to America.  A number of them were among the first settlers of the early colonies from the 1600's.
Here are some more selected stories of some of my ancestors


 Memorial Pages

 Anna Irene Hawk (Jones) - 1868-1936

 Irene Marshall (Schwiening) - 1908-1992

 Ernest Schwiening - 1873-1944

 Nathaniel Henry Hawk - 1858-1944

 Grace Schwiening DeKalb (Hawk) - 1885-1984

 William Edward Marshall - 1901-1981 

Pedigree Charts

 5 generation pedigree chart - First Page  -  Index (A-K)  -  Index (L-Z)

 Large pedigree chart for William Marshall

 Large pedigree chart for Caleb Abell


 Here are some books I used in my research.

 Here is a list of brick walls for further research.

 Go to my links page to see some genealogy website links  

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