Ancestors who have fought in wars

Samuel Adams (1737) Revolutionary War

He served in the Revolutionary War : Rev. War Record, from Mass. Soldiers and Sailors, Vol. 1 pg. 72-73. Pvt. in Capt. Enoch Noble's Co. Entered service Aug. 21, 1777 under a 3 month enlistment; served until Oct. 21, 1777 (60 days); His company marched to Manchester, VT. thence to Allington, thence to Stillwater, by order of General Lincoln. He joined Col. Ashley's (Berkshire Co.) Regt. and marched to Bolton Hills and there served until regularly discharged; also as Pvt. in Capt. John Collar's Co. Col. John Ashley's Regt., entered service July 19, 1779; discharged Aug. 27, 1779; service 1 mo, 9 days. Marched to Conn. under command of Lt. Col Powell.

Aden Clevenger (1755) Revolutionary War

Enlisted December 1775 and served for three years. He served in the 11th Virginia Regiment with the rank of Private, under Colonel Daniel Morgan and Captain Charles Porterfield. He was pensioned (Certificate #14469) beginning 6 Sep 1819. Final payment was made to his estate on 14 Jan 1830 at Fayette Co, OH."

James Crews (1758) Revolutionary War

James and his brother, Gideon, enlisted in the Continental Army on 9 May 1776 in Buckingham Co., Virginia. They served for about a year as privates, in Captain Thomas Patterson's Company of the Sixth Virginia Regiment. They then transferred to Colonel Morgan's Virginia Regiment and served about a year and were in the battles of Saratoga, Edge Hill and in many skirmishes. They both later received pensions for their services. Gideon's was pension number S37371 and James' was number S39387, allowed for 4 Jun 1818 in Knox Co. Tennessee.

Miles Jones (1764-1812) Revolutionary War

Private in Capt. Jeremiah Hicok's Co. Lt. Col. Sears Reg. Enlisted 8/6/1781 discharged 11/18/1781. Service 3 mos. including 4 days travel home (84) mile. The Regiment was raised in Berkshire Co. Mass for three months service Roll endorsed "Co. Elisha Porter's Regt. Miles Jones pension-negative report.

William Frank Marshall  (1845-1909) Civil War

He enlisted in Ohio. He was captured as a prisoner and later escaped and returned home to help his mother on the farm. He re-enlisted on February 23, 1864 in Ohio as a Private in Company I, 1st Calvary Regiment Ohio during which he took place in Sherman's March to the Sea. He was discharged on September 13, 1865 in Hilton Head, SC. 


Jedediah Turner (1733-1760) Revolutionary War, French and Indian War

He was soldier in the French and Indian War (1758) and a private in the Revolutionary War (between 1775 and 1783).

Asa Turner (1765-1847) Revolutionary War

In 1778 when he was 13, the Revolutionary War was going on and he enlisted. He served several posts between 1778-1782.

John C. Wright (1716-1789) Revolutionary War

John was a Quaker, but by the time of the Revolutionary war he apparently was fed up with being a pacifist. Even though he was then in his fifties, he immediately joined the celebrated American fighting group called Col. Thompson's Rangers as Pvt. John Wright.  He was at the famous Battle of The Cowpens where an American army made up of rough frontiermen defeated an Army of elite British regulars under the command of Banastre Tarleton to win the first victory against Lord Cornwallis' army.

Daniel Woodward (1653)   King Phillip's War

He was impressed for King Philip's War Nov. 1675, being then 22 yrs. of age. This war was one of the most devastating wars ever fought in America.