My Fishman ancestors

Morris Fishman was born on January 15, 1871 in Kamenetz Podolsk, Ukraine which is about 215 miles west of Kiev. (Source: naturalization records found by Rebecca Gorlin provided much information on Morris and his family.)  He married Esther Mikitinsky abt 1895.  Faye's death record gives Esther's maiden name. She was born on December 22, 1875 in Russia.  Their mother tongue was Yiddish. 

On January 20, 1898 he came to the United States from Bremen, Germany on the ship "Amayer."  My Aunt claims Fishman was not their real last name but a Russian name that immigration officials could not pronounce, so they gave him the surname Fishman.   According to family tradition, they settled in Toronto, Canada.  They stayed there until Bert was about 4 years of age which would have been around 1911. 

On June 13, 1923, naturalization papers were written up on Morris and his family.   At the time Morris was an operator working with women's clothing.  In 1930, census records indicated that Morris, Esther and Arthur were living in the Bronx.  At this time Morris was the proprietor of a dairy store.

Morris died around 1945.  Both Morris and Esther are buried in Queens, NY in Montefiore Cemetery. 

Morris and Esther had the following children :

     1. Boy Fishman (Family tradition indicates they had a boy that
        died at age 2 - may have been the firstborn??)

     2. Rose Fishman - Born Jan 6, 1896 in Russia. 
        She married Irving Feinberg.

     3. Faye Fishman - Born Nov 10, 1898 in Russia.
         Her first husband was Marshall Susman (1899-1974.)
         She also married Jacob Platt.
         She had 2 daughters, Elanor and Thelma.
         She was opera singer.  She died at age 32 of cancer.

     4. Benjamin (Bertram) Fishman Born Sep 13, 1907
        in Brooklyn, NY (see next generation)

     5. Ann Fishman - Born April 15, 1901 in Brooklyn, NY. 
        She Married Murray Lazinsky.  She died in 1977

     6. Arthur Fishman - Born July 19, 1917 in Brooklyn, NY.


Bertram Fishman (originally Benjamin), son of Morris and Esther Fishman was born on September 13, 1907 in New York (Note: naturalization papers shows birth date as Sep 8, 1908.)  Around 1928 he married Henrietta Greenberg, daughter of Morris Greenberg and Dora Shnall.  Henrietta died in 1939 in Miami, Florida.  Bert remarried several times.  He died on January 19, 1985 in Miami, Florida.  One of Bert's second cousins is Harry Selden.  Harry's parent's are Sam Solodinsky and Yetta Fleet. 

Below is an old colorized (with Photoshop) photo of Bert and Henrietta taken around 1928.


Surnames that married into my Fishman family



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