My Quaker Ancestors


I have found about 40 direct ancestors who were Quakers

Atkinson Rebecca (1708-1762)
This branch stayed in England.  Rebecca married Thomas Furnas, a Quaker.  Their children migrated to SC.
Bowater Mary (1688-1764), John (1630-1704)
This family originated in England and migrated to PA and VA
DeMoss Phoebe (1752-1841)
With French roots, her family originated from MD and she married Enoch Pearson, a Quaker
Furnas Martin (1805-1882), William (1775-1833), John (1736-1777), Thomas (1701-1784)
This family migrated from England and lived in SC and OH
They were active in the Bush River, SC and Miami County, OH meeting houses
Janney Elizabeth (1612-1662), Randall (1580-1613)
This branch stayed in England. The Janney's were early and active Quakers of the Wilmslow/Mobberly area.
Elizabeth married Lawrence Pearson, a Quaker.
Maunder Mary (c1649-1704)
This branch stayed in England; Mary married John Bowater, a Quaker.
Mercer Elizabeth (1694-aft 1751)
Elizabeth migrated from England to NC.  She married William Vestal, a Quaker.
Mote Margaret (1753-1803), David (1732-1817)
Of English descent, the family migrated to PA and OH
Nesley Rachel (1778-1847)
Nothing is known of her ancestry but she married William Furnas, a Quaker and lived in SC and OH
Nichols Dorcas (1731-1817)
Nothing is known of her ancestry but she married David Mote, a Quaker and lived in OH
Owen Mary (c1630-1723)
This family stayed in England.  Mary married John Worthington, a Quaker
Patty Marcena (1805-1882), Charles (1788-1849), James (c1748-1796)
This family migrated from VA to SC and OH.
Pearson Phoebe (1789-1868), Enoch (1751-1790), Samuel (1724-1790),
Enoch (1689-1749), Thomas (1653-1734), Lawrence (1607-1673)
This family originated in England and migrated to PA, VA, SC, and OH
Smith Margery (1658-1747), Mary (1697-1780)
Margery married Thomas Pearson, a Quaker and migrated from England to PA
Mary married Enoch Pearson and migrated from PA to SC
Swanson Margaret (1692-1771)
Margaret married Joseph Wells, a Quaker.  They lived in MD and NY
Vestal Mary (c1723-c1819), William (1692-1745)
William has English ancestors and is a known Quaker along with daughter Mary. They lived in PA, VA, and OH.
Wells Rachel (1720-1771), Joseph (1697-aft 1758)
Joseph and Rachel were known Quakers who lived in MA and SC
Wilkinson Mary (1742-1782)
Mary married John Furnas, a Quaker and migrated from England to SC
Worthington Martha (c1732-bef 1757), Robert (1663-1735), John (1628-1717)
From England, the family migrated to MD, PA, SC, and OH
Wright Nathan (1757-aft 1805), John (1716-abt 1789), James (1671-1759)
James was born in PA and his children migrated to SC


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