My Wells ancestors

01. Thomas Wells was born in 1653 in England.  According to sources quoting "Early Families of Southern Maryland, Volume 3",

Thomas Wells was transported to Maryland in 1679 when he purchased land in Prince George's Co., he was called a planter and was living in Calvert County. Some time around 1696 he was a member of the Grand jury regarding the petition of Philip Clarke and his subsequent disbarment.  He died in 1718 at the Herring Creek Hundred, Prince George's Co. 

Thomas married Frances Smith in Maryland in 1678. Additional information on Thomas and his family can be found here


02. Joseph Wells, son of Thomas and Frances was born on Sept. 30, 1697 in Saint Barnabas Church, Queen Anne Parish, Prince George, Maryland.  On April 11, 1721 he married Margaret Swanson, daughter of Francis Swanson and Susannah Plummer.  The book “Pioneers of Old Monocacy” by Grace L. Tracey John and Philip Dern (1987) pages 85-86 notes the following:

Joseph and his wife Margaret came from Chester County in Pennsylvania, settling on “Boyling Springs”, a 40-acre tract which had been surveyed on June 12, 1743.  Its beginning point was also  “on a north side branch of the Tuscarora.” This land was later conveyed to Baltis Fout.  Both Joseph and Isaac Wells signed the October petition seeking to carve All Saints' Parish out of Prince George's Parish.  
Earlier in 1742 Isaac Wells had been appointed overseer of the road from Monocacy "to Shenandoah," and the November Court of 1743 made him Constable of Monocacy Hundred.

The Rootsweb page found here quotes the following unsourced additional information on Joseph:

He was living in Anne Arundel Co., Md. on Dec. 8, 1726. He paid taxes on the Mattapony Hundred of Prince George's Co. by 1742. In November of that year, he was made constable of the Monocacy Hundred. His wife Margaret was received in membership on November 29, 1745 and he on February 29, 1746.  They removed to North Carolina around 1750 after they sold "Boyling Spring", on Tuscarora Creek near the mouth of the Monoquesey. Joseph gave his son Joseph 269 acres of land in Orange County, N.C. on June 13, 1752. He sold another 137.5 acres of land to John Marshall in Sept. 1752. In that same year, Margaret stops appearing in Quaker Records which her husband Joseph and some children are in. This could suggest that she had passed on in 1752 or earlier.


03. Rachel Wells, daughter of Joseph and Margaret was born on March 20, 1720 in All Lallows Parish, Anne Arundel, MA.  She married John Wright, son of James Wright and Mary Bowater in abt. 1736. 

The Rootsweb page found here quotes the following additional information on Rachel:

She was a fairly well noted frontier Quaker minister before the American Revolution. She became a Quaker when she married. Her parents moved into the faith several years after her marriage. She came from radical Puritan and Catholic stock who sought religious freedom in the tolerant Maryland under Lord Baltimore. Several of her ancestors were of armorial families in England.  Rachel and her husband moved to Orange County, North Carolina from the Monocacy Meeting, Prince George Co., Maryland about 1749. They helped found the Cane Creek Meeting in Orange Co., North Carolina. She was the center of a major controversy in this region during the movement known as the Regulators. She apparently committed an offense. Her apology was accepted until she applied to remove to Fredericksburg, SC in 1763. Some of the members doubted the sincerity of her apology and thought her certificate should not be granted. A principle, outspoken well known liberal Quaker of the time, Hermon Husband, was caught up in the feud. Due to his violent reaction, he was disowned in 1764. The ending to this story is not known by the Auther, other than the fact that Rachel and her family did move to South Carolina in 1764. The Cane Creek meeting back in North Carolina mentions her kindly at her death on December 23, 1771, aged about 52 years as "a friend of the Ministry, wife of John, one of the first beginnners of a meeting at Bush River." 

I descend from John and Rachel's son Nathan Wright who married Sarah Jay.


Surnames that married into my Wells family






Migration pattern of my Wells family
England -- MA -- NC -- SC


My Descent From The Wells Line

Generation Father Mother
10  Thomas Wells (1653-) Frances Smith (1657-1719)
9 Joseph Wells (1697-) Margaret Swanson (1692-1771)
8 John C. Wright (1716-1790) Rachel Wells (1720-1771)
7 Nathan Wright (1758-) Sarah Jay (1761-)
6 William John Marshall (1799-1837) Charity Wright (1801-)
5 Thomas Marshall (1822-1870) Rhoda Furnas (1824-1906)
4 William Frank Marshall (1845-1909) Nancy Emily Crewse (1860-1936)
3 William Edward Marshall (1901-1981) Irene Sophia Schwiening (1908-1992)
2 William Edward Marshall
1 Tod Howard Marshall

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