My Janney ancestors

01. Randall Janney was born in 1527.   He died on January 13, 1595 in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England.   He was married to  Ellen Alredd on July 14, 1602 in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England.  For a detailed ancestry of the Janney family click here.

02. Elizabeth Janney, daughter of Randall and Ellen was born in 1612.  She married Lawrence Pearson in abt 1650.

Note: There is no primary proof that Elizabeth Janney was wife of Lawrence Peirson, or that she was daughter of Randle and Ellen (Allred) Janney.  However, the wife of Lawrence being nee Janney is a very strong tradition, At least four researchers on different lines of the Pearson descent, said that their grandmothers made this claim in the 1900-1920 time period. This claim is also made by Mary-Helen Pemberton, noted Pearson researcher of West Milton, Ohio (now deceased). These claims were made long before microfilm and our modern genealogical resources were avaiable.  Corinne's research of all Wilmslow records, Mobblery (parish and Quaker) records, and all surrounding parishes, shows that there were no other likely candidates for the parents of Elizabeth. (Source: Corinne H. Diller)


Migration pattern of my Janney family
My Janney ancestors remained in England.


Surnames that married into my Janney family


2 articles are known on the Janneys. (Info from Mike Marshall)

"The Quaker Janneys" by Miles White, Jr. can be found in the Southern Historical Association publication 8:119-128, 196-211, and 274-286. This is a detailed, well researched, and well documented history of the Janney's from the 1500s


"Thomas Janney, Privincial Councillor," can be found in PMHB 27:212-237


My Descent From The Janney Line

Generation Father Mother
13 Randall Janney (1580-1613) Ellen Alredd (1583-1644))
12 Lawrence Pearson (1607-1673) Elizabeth Janney (1612-1662)
11 Thomas Pearson (1653-1734) Margery Ellen Smith (1658-1747)
10 Enoch Pearson (1689-1749) Mary Smith (1697-1780)
9 Samuel Pearson (1724-1790) Martha Worthington (1732-)
8 Enoch Pearson (1751-1790) Phoebe DeMoss (1752-1841)
7 Charles Paty (1788-1849) Phoebe Pearson (1789-1868)
6 Martin Furnas (1801-1849) Marcena Patty (1805-1882)
5 Thomas Marshall (1822-1870) Rhoda Furnas (1824-1906)
4 William Frank Marshall (1845-1909) Nancy Emily Crewse (1860-1936)
3 William Edward Marshall (1901-1981) Irene Sophia Schwiening (1908-1992)
2 William Edward Marshall
1 Tod Howard Marshall

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