My Worthington ancestors


01. John Worthington was born abt. 1604 in England.  He married Marie Hobson on February 6, 1628 in Hite, England.  John died on December 3, 1691 in Quarrel Bank, Wilmslow, Cheshire, England.


02. John Worthington, son of John and Marie was born in 1628 in Chester, Cheshire, England.  He married Mary Owens abt 1658 in Cheshire.  Click here to see the will of John Worthington that is posted on the "RootsDigger" website.


03. Robert Worthington "The Quaker", son of John and Mary was born in 1663 in Quarrel Bank, Pownall Fee, Cheshire, England.  He married (1) Alice Taylor in 1686.  He married (2) Mary Burtis, daughter of Jan Alburtis and Sarah Ellison on July 31, 1729 in Burlington, New Jersey.  The Burtis line can be traced to Pietro Cesare Alberti who was born in Venice, Italy in 1608 and was the first Italian immigrant in America.

The following is an excellent history of Robert Worthington which is posted on the "RootsDigger" website :

"Robert Worthington b. 1663 Cheshire, England. Believe he married there, then left Cheshire in 1694-5 with his family and lived 14 years in Ireland before coming to PA. He was not mentioned in his fathers will, as he had already left Cheshire. He m. 2nd wife Mary Burtis in New Jersey 13d 6m 1729. She was b. 1703 in Fred. Co. VA and d. Berkley Co WV. Robert d. Dec 1735 at Patuxent MD. Per "Hopewell Friends History, Fred. Co. VA"....In the settlement of Friends in the section that is now Jefferson County, WV, and near the county seat, Charles Town, perhaps the first Friend to arrive was Robert Worthington, who settled on Evitt's marsh on a tract of 3000 acres granted to him from the Crown, and which he named "Quarry Banks, New Stile", for his old home in Cheshire, England which was named "Quarry Banks." The date of his arrival in the Shenandoah Valley is not definitely known, but among the papers relative to the settlement of his estate on record in Orange County is a disposition made by his widow, which states that she and her husband were married in Friend's Meeting at Burlington NJ 13th of 6th month, 1729, "and quickly after the said marriage, removed to this country."  

Robert Worthington was a consistent Friend and devoted to the interests of our Society. This is shown by the records of Moate Monthly Meeting and Dublin Monthly Meeting in Ireland, which he attended during his residence in that country, and of the Monthly Meeting of Salem, NJ and Philadelphia, PA in America. After his settlement in Virginia, he was largely engaged in business as a merchant and exporter as well as a farmer, and was instrumental in promoting the settlement of the lower valley. After his death, "Quarry Banks" and a portion of his land came into the possession of his youngest son, Robert. The latter by marriage out of meeting withdrew from our Society in 1760, and shortly thereafter, he with others erected near his mansion house, St. George's Chapel, said to have been the most costly chapel in Virginia at the time. The ruins of this Chapel are a well known landmark two and a half miles northeast of Charles Town. His son, Thomas, born and reared at "Quarry Banks", removed to Ross, OH and became the 6th Governor of that state. The remainder of "Quarry Banks" estate was divided among the other children of Robert Worthington Sr. and was purchased from them at various times by Lawrence and Samuel Washington, the latter who built, on a part of this land, his mansion, "Harewood" where he resided at the time of his death in 1781."

The children of Robert and Mary are:

1 Martha Worthington (See Below)
2 Mary Worthington (Born abt 1731 in Orange, Frederick, VA - Died before 1757)
3 Robert W. Worthington (Born abt. 1734 - Died in 1779 in Berkeley, VA) 
                                            Married Margaret Matthews abt. 1778

  1. Mary Worthington (1717-1788)
  2. Thomas Worthington (Jul 16, 1773-) 1st Senator/6th Governor of Ohio

04. Martha Worthington, daughter of Robert and Mary was born about 1732 in either South Carolina or Orange, VA.  She married Samuel Pearson in 1749 in Frederick Co., VA.  She died in 1752 at a young age. 

I descend from their son Enoch Pearson who married Phoebe De Moss.


Migration pattern of my Worthington family
England -- PA -- VA  


Surnames that married into my Worthington family






Worthington information on the internet

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My Descent From The Worthington Line

Generation Father Mother
12 John Worthington (1604-1691) Mable Hobsonne (1605-1658)
11 John Worthington (1628-1717) Mary Owen (1630-1723)
10 Robert Worthington (1663-1735) Mary Burtis (1703-1798)
9 Samuel Pearson (1724-1790) Martha Worthington (1732-)
8 Enoch Pearson (1751-1790) Phoebe DeMoss (1752-1841)
7 Charles Paty (1788-1849) Phoebe Pearson (1789-1868)
6 Martin Furnas (1801-1849) Marcena Patty (1805-1882)
5 Thomas Marshall (1822-1870) Rhoda Furnas (1824-1906)
4 William Frank Marshall (1845-1909) Nancy Emily Crewse (1860-1936)
3 William Edward Marshall (1901-1981) Irene Sophia Schwiening (1908-1992)
2 William Edward Marshall
1 Tod Howard Marshall


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