Origin of the surname Schnall

The family name SCHNALL is German and Jewish (Ashkenazic) and a metonymic occupational name for a maker of buckles; Middle High German Snalle, German Schnalle.


My Schnall ancestors

Moses Schnall aka "Meschel Schmall" was born most likely in Austria in the mid 1850's.  He married Chaya Endlich aka "Ida", "Anna" or "Hannah."  She is the daughter of Mendel Endlich and Bella.  Their names can be referenced on New York City Marriage Records for 5 of their children as linked below.

Moses and Chaya had the following children :

      1.  Dora Schnall - born abt. 1879 in Austria. 
           She married Harry Greenberg. (see generation #2 below)
           NY Marriage Records

      2.  Charles "Charley" Schnall - born abt. 1879 in Austria

      3.  Yetta A. Schnall - born abt. 1882 in Austria. 
           She married Jacob Elster (or Olster) who was born
           in 1881 in Austria.
           NY Marriage Records
           1. Milton Alster aka "Meschel" - born Sep. 15, 1905 in NY.
               Died Oct. 4, 1976 in Miami-Dade Co., FL (SSDI)

      4.  Joseph Schnall - born abt. 1883 in Austria. 
           He married Elsie Spalter (or Spolter) on Nov. 28, 1907
           in Manhattan, NY.  Elsie was born abt. 1886 in Austria.
           NY Marriage Records

           1. Yetta Schnall - born Aug 25, 1908
               in Bronx, NY (NY City Birth Records)

           2.  Ethel Schnall - born abt. 1909 in NY (1910 Census)

      5.  Gussie Schnall - born abt. 1893 in Austria. 
           She married Max Greenberg, brother of
           Harry Greenberg (below) and son of Jacob and Rosa.
           NY Marriage Records

           1. Betty Greenberg - born abt. 1913 in IL
               Married Lee Green

           2. Miriam Beatrice Greenberg - born on Jan 25, 1915
               in Chicago, IL.  Married Jack Bass

           3. Yetta Greenberg - born abt. 1919 in IL

      6.  Emanuel Schnall - born abt. 1897 in Austria. 
           He married Sara Abramowitz on Nov 3, 1919 in Bronx, NY
           NY Marriage Records, 1920 Census, 1930 Census

          1. Blanche Schnall - born abt. 1922 in NY 1925 Census, 1930 Census


Dora Schnall, daughter of Moses and Chaya was born in Austria abt. 1879.  She married Harry Greenberg around 1899/1900 - there are conflicting sources of their exact marriage date.  Harry would have come to America with his parents in 1892.  He was a saloon keeper and spoke 5 languages fluently according to family tradition. 

In 1920, the census image below shows the following in their household:

The 1930 census in Brooklyn found by Rebecca Gorlin provides some additional interesting information on his family.  In that year it shows both Harry and Dora as being 50 years old and age 20 when they were married.  Harry was listed as being a proprietor of a restaurant; Max was 20 and a helper in the restaurant; Beatrice was 18 and worked in a millinery, ladies' hats; and Herbert was 13 and in school.   Harry and Dora could read and write, and speak English, and were listed as naturalized. It also shows Dora's immigration year as 1892. Both came from Austria and Yiddish was their mother tongue.  Harry died on November 11, 1939 in Brooklyn .  Dora died on April 30, 1950 in Brooklyn. Both are buried in Mount Hebron Cemetery along with daughters Henrietta and Mildred.

Harry and Dora had the following children :

      1.  Abrahm Lewis (Al) Greenberg - born on February 16, 1901. 
           He managed movie theaters and died in 1993. 
           He married Isabelle and they had a son,
           Jerold who died young at age 12 or 16.

      2.  Joe Pincas Greenberg - born April 21, 1903 in Manhattan;
           Died September 10, 1903.

      3.  Mildred Greenberg - born September 8, 1904 in Manhattan;
           Died July 19, 1999 in Queens, NY. 
           She married Herman Kaufer.  They had 2 boys, George and Jerry. 
           Herman died on September 9, 1968.

      4.  Emanuel Greenberg - born March 8, 1907 in Manhattan;
           Married Billie and had a daughter Beverly.

      5.  Henrietta Greenberg (see next generation)

      6.  Max Greenberg - died at age 70.  He married at 50.

      7.  Beatrice Pearl Greenberg - Born June 6, 1916;
           Died in 1953 in a car accident. 
           Married Harry Jaker and had 2 children.

      8.  Herbert Greenberg - born April 15, 1917 in New York;
           Died April 21, 2010 in Wood Ridge, New Jersey.  


Henrietta Greenberg, daughter of Harry and Dora was born in 1910.  She married Bertram Fishman around 1928.  Henrietta died in 1939 in Miami, Florida.


Surnames that married into my Schnall family


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