Some books I have used in my research

Genealogy books have been one of the best tools I have found for doing research.  Most books contain source material which is very important for verifying your ancestors.  Here are some of the books I have found useful on my family lines.

"Abell Family In America, The" - By Horace and Lewis Abell (1940) A great resource for the Abell surname.  Although dated, it provides a lot of important information on the Abell line and is a must for any Abell descendant.  Amazon provides a deal through Higgenson Books which will make you a copy of the book at a very reasonable price.
"Ancestors and Descendants of Jonathan Abell" - By Horace A. Abell.   Covers a lot of Abell material, including some that is not mentioned in "Abell Family in America".
"Ancestors of American Presidents" - By Gary B. Roberts.   Interesting study that links presidents to common ancestors.  I have found at least 8 presidential "cousins" that I share a common ancestor with.
"Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700" By Frederick Lewis Weis (7th edition) 2002
"And Then There Was You" - by Marjorie Eilene Wells-Cook. Published in 1979. This 52 page goes into much detail on the families of 1600's New England which were among the first settlers in that area. It focuses on the descendants and related families of Griffith Jones.
"Bullard and Allied Families" by Edgar J. Bullard (1930)
"Crews(e) Family Record" - by James Lafayette Holloway. Published on March 20, 1988. My contact with James Holloway provided me with much information on the Crews family. His 350 page book offers a great deal of information on the descendants of James Crews and Lucinda Hood as well as how they lived.  Unfortunately this book is out of print and is not available from any known source.
"Dana Family In America, The" - By Elizabeth E. Dana (1956) on
"Descendants of Joseph Loomis in America" - By Elias Loomis (1909).  Over 800 pages of the descendants of Joseph and Mary White.  This book was found in the archive online.  It is also available on the Amazon website.
"Descendants of Robert Chandler" - By Charles H. Chandler (1949) on
"Early German Hawk Families of Westmoreland County, PA" - By Kenneth Hawk Slaker. This 508 page book details the early history of the Hawk family migrating from Germany and settling in Pennsylvania. It offers much detail and has some very old pictures in it. A must read for any Hawk descendant!  I noticed it is now listed on Amazon but is out of stock either new or used.  You might check back from time to time to see if it becomes available again.
"Genesis of the White Family" by Emma Siggins White (1920)
"Harbaugh's 1909 History of Miami County, Ohio" - (1909)
"Family Records" by Ashworth P. Burke (1965)
"Kin of Mellcene Thurman Smith" - By Mellcene Thurman Smith -  Large 1000+ page book covers many royal lines including the Abell line.  All material is documented with sources and provides a lot of history.  This book was available online at the Family Tree Maker subscription site when I was a member several years ago.
"Magna Charta Sureties, 1215"  - By Frederick Lewis Weis (5th edition - 1999)
"Mayflower Families Through Five Generations Vol. 15 (James Chilton)" - This is a very thorough compilation of 5 generations of the known descendants of James Chilton.  It also gives selected biographies of some of the descendants when known.  This is part 15 of a series of books on Mayflower descendants.  The first half of the book is on James Chilton and the second half is on Richard Moore.  If you are purchasing this on Amazon you might want to get a used copy since this book is often out of print.
"Medieval English Ancestors of Robert Abell" - By Carl Boyer, 3rd (2001)  344 page book that fills in a lot of blanks about Robert's ancestors.  It is organized by surname for quick reference.  The author has done a lot of research on these lines, some of which there is very little documentation on elsewhere.  It is highly recommended for those interested in how these surnames originated and provides a lot of biographical information.
"Moulton Annals" - By Henry W. Moulton (1906)
"One Branch of The Booth Family" - By Charles Edwin Booth (1910) Showing the lines of connection with one hundred Massachusetts Bay colonists including Robert Abell.
"Ormerod - The History of Cheshire" - George Ormerod (Complete set on CD Rom available by The Family History Society of Cheshire and The Cheshire Local History Association)
"Our Cruze Ancestors" - by Elmer Andrew Houser. Published in August, 1994. 46 pages. My first contact with a distant Crews relative, Elmer gives a good history of the early Crews families in Virginia and details many descendants of James Crews and Lucinda Hood.
"Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James, The" - By Homer Beers James. This lengthy document which consists of several volumes provides family genealogies of Ancient and Early medieval European Ancestors. He does a very good job at showing how these royal families merged together.  Click HERE to read the book online.
"Paty/Patty Family History" - By Delores Caylor Lansford (1992).    Shows the descendants of James Paty and Sarah Clanton.  This book is only available by contacting the author.
"Preston Genealogy, The" - By David C. Preston (1913) on
"Royal Ancestry of Deacon Levi Tenney, The" - (1928) on
"Royalty For Commoners" - By Roderick W. Stuart, 3rd edition (1998).  Shows many ancestors of Edward III. Lists a lot of ancient lines here along with source material.  While it has its share of errors even in the most recent edition it can be a useful tool for further research.
"The New England Ancestry of Dana Converse Backus" by Mary E. N. Backus (1949)
"The New England Historical and Genealogical Register" - Published quarterly since 1847 - some older issues can be found online for download

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