My Atwood ancestors

01. Peter De Wychurst - The earliest known Atwood ancestor.  The family originated in Coulsdon which is near Sanderstead, England.  Peter bought around 30 to 40 acres of land from the Abbey of Chertsey.


02. William Atte Wode, son of Peter and an unknown wife was born abt 1220. William Atte Wode signed a bond in 1278 as a yeoman of Coulsdon Parish. He assumed the Atwood surname and lived in the Coulsdon area.  William died after 1278. 


03. Peter Atte Wode, son of William and an unknown wife was born abt. 1245   Peter married Alice who was born about 1254.  Records show that in 1279, Peter and Alice sued to record title of 220 acres of land known as “Wood Place”. In 1313 Peter leased the buildings and part of the land to Roger De Bosco.  Peter died about 1313.


04. Sir William Atte Wode, son of Peter and Alice was born abt 1270 in Coulsdon, Surrey and died abt 1345. He married Juliana who was born about 1274 in Sanderstead, Surrey. William and Juliana sued to record title of lands in Breckenham in 1318. In 1341, William was “Sir” and was captain of the Kings Guard on duty at Westminster Palace, where parliament sat. There is mention that William had two sons, Richard and William who became “Sergeant at Arms”. It is recorded that in 1350, Sir William with another sergeant where licensed to travel to travel from Dover. In 1345, Sir William and his two sons probably traveled with the great army the King had enrolled to invade France. It is most probable that Geoffrey, William and there is also mention that Sir William Fell at the battle of Ceasy. However, it is not known if Sir William died at the battle or was brought home injured. (Source)


05. Geoffrey Atte Wode, son of William and Juliana was born abt 1297. He died after 1346.  In 1360, Geoffrey was fined 46 Pounds in addition to a regular tax because Hooley House was Purchased without the consent of the king.  His wife's name is not known.


06. Peter Atte Wode, son of Geoffrey and an unknown wife was born abt 1321.  He died about 1382.  He married Lawrance.  The couple sued to record title of lands in Sanderstead Parish. This however may not of included the Parish Church or the Manor House as these were still owned by others. Peter probably carried on living at Wood Place, Coulsdon as in 1350, he was licensed by the Bishop to maintain an "Oratory" (A private Chapel).  Peter was clerk of the court in Eyre for which William De Wyckeham was Justice. Together they were forest wardens together and king’s commissioners in rebuilding old Windsor castle. There is no record of the purchase of Sanderstead Manor but the Atwood Family may have received this around this time. (Source)


07. Peter Atte Wode, son of Peter and Lawrance was born abt 1360.  Peter married Pentronilla who was born abt 1364 in Sanderstead. Peter gained possession of Guildford Manor far east of Surrey. He was "Knight of the Shire" (Chief of the District.) In 1384, he became a member of Parliament for Guildford.  He was influential in the building and structure of the Parish Church. He died after 1384. (Source)


08. John Attewode, son of Peter and Pentronilla was bon abt 1410.  He married Isabella who was born abt 1405.  The couple leased Coulsdon Manor in 1434 from the Abbey of Chertsey for 20 years. There is mention that John built Sanderstead Court during this time. There are no records of this but it is almost certain that either the whole of Sanderstead Court was re-built or the existing manor was extended. In 1459, John was Knight of the Shire.  John died after 1459.


09. John Attewode son of John and Isabella was born abt 1450.  He married Dyones Wood.   The Sanderstead Parish website says that John is the earliest Attewode that is known for curtain that existed within Sanderstead.  John's will left his estate to 6 sons named "John", but his wife's death detailed their names. John died on July 30, 1525 in Sanderstead.


10. John Hewson Attewode, son of John and Dyones was born abt 1509.  He married Margaret who was born abt 1494 in Sanderstead.  He was keeper of the kings falcons and inherited Sanderstead Manor in 1530 although it is not clear for how long he lived there.  Control over the estate was passed to John died in March, 1562.


11. Nicholas Atwood, son of John and Margaret was born in 1536.  He married Olive Harman in St. Martins, London on Jan. 30, 1569, the daughter of James Harman.  Olive was born in 1548 in Sanderstead.  Nicholas Atwood was assistant of the Queens Carriages.


12. John Atwood, son of Nicholas and Olive was born on Feb 4, 1582 in St. Martin, Of-The-Fields, London, England.  He died on Feb 27, 1644 in Massachusetts.  John married Joan Coulson (Coleson) on July 25, 1612.  Source: "Ye Old Atte Wode Annals"


13. John Atwood, son of John and Joan was born Dec 24, 1614 in St. Martin, Of-The-Fields, London, England.  He died on Feb 27, 1675 in Plymouth, MA. John Married Sarah Masterson, daughter of Richard Masterson and Mary Goodale in 1637 in Plymouth, MA. John had come early to Massachusetts, living in Lynn and Saugus before returning to England, and emigrated again on the Ship Hopewell in 1635. John was Governor Assistant of the colony in 1638.  Source: "Ye Old Atte Wode Annals"  The 9 children of John and Sarah often are listed as either "Atwood" or "Wood."  They are:

1 Mary Atwood (Born abt. 1642 in Plymouth, MA - Died Jan 6, 1714)
                            Married Rev. John Holmes on Dec 11, 1661
2 Sarah Atwood (Born abt. 1645 in Plymouth, MA - Died in 1685)
                            Married John Fallowell on Feb 13, 1667.
3 Abigail Wood (See Below)
4 John Atwood (Born on Mar 4, 1649/50 in Plymouth, MA - Died before
                          Mar 7, 1675 in Plymouth.)
5 Nathaniel Atwood (Born on Feb 25, 1651/2 in Plymouth, MA - Died on
                                   Dec 17, 1724 in Plympton, Plymouth, MA.)
                                   Married Mary Lucas on Jul 18, 1683, son Nathaniel
6 Isaac Atwood (Born on Feb 27, 1653/4 in Plymouth, MA - Died bef. 1685)
7 Mercy Atwood (Born in 1656 in Plymouth, MA - Died Mar 4, 1697/8)
8 Elizabeth Atwood (Born abt. 1658 in Plymouth, MA)
Married Caleb Nye in 1685
9 Hannah Atwood (Born abt. 1660 in Plymouth, MA)
                                Married Richard Cooper on Feb 1, 1682/3

13. Abigail Wood, daughter of John and Sarah was born abt. 1656 in Plymouth, MA.  She married Samuel Leonard, son of Solomon Leonard and Sarah Chandler in 1674 in Plymouth.  Abigail died abt. 1698 in Plymouth.  I descend from both (!) of Abigail and Samuel's daughters, Mercy Leonard and Elizabeth Leonard.  The Leonard line has connections to the Mayflower through marriage into the Chandler line. Sarah Chandler is the granddaughter of Mayflower passenger James Chilton.


Migration pattern on my Atwood family
England -- Massachusetts


Surnames that married into my Atwood family




"Ye Old Atte Wode Annals" by Elijah Francis Atwood (1928)  This is available through Higgenson Books.


My Descent From The Atwood Line

Generation Father Mother
24 Peter De Wyckhurst (1180-1203)  
23 William Atte Wode (1220-)  
22 Peter Atte Wode (1245-)  
21 William Atte Wode (1270-1345) Juliana (1274-)
20 Geoffrey Atte Wode (1295-1346)  
19 Peter Atte Wode (1320-1382) Laurencia (1324-)
18 Peter Atte Wode (1360-) Petronilla (1364-)
17 John Attte Wode (1400-) Isabella (1404-)
16 John Hewson Atwood (1490-1652) Margaret (1494-1558)
15 Nicholas Atwood (1535-1586) Olive Harman (1548-1603)
14 John  Atwood (1582-1644) Joan Coulson (1590-1654)
13 John  Atwood (1614-1675) Sarah Masterson (1622-1701)
12 Samuel Leonard (1643-1720) Abigail Wood (1656-1698)
11 Richard Adams (1679-1749) Mercy Leonard (1673-1749)
10 Richard Adams (1708-1787) Susanna Preston (1711-1788)
9 Samuel Adams (1737-1809) Sarah Clark (1739-1818)
8 Miles Jones (1764-1812) Mehitable Adams (1771-1812)
7 Miles Jones (1794-1885) Pamelia Turner (1805-1883)
6 Darius Benjamin Jones (1834-1918) Marquerite Cowan (1835-1906)
5 Nathaniel Henry Hawk (1858-1944) Anna Irene Jones (1868-1936)
4 Ernest August Schwiening (1873-1944) Grace Myrtle Hawk (1885-1984)
3 William Edward Marshall (1901-1981) Irene Sophia Schwiening (1908-1992)
2 William Edward Marshall
1 Tod Howard Marshall

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