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My Bascom ancestors

The number of persons currently living in America with the surname BASCOM has been roughly estimated at 2,000. With surprisingly few exceptions, the majority of these Bascoms are descended from a common ancestor: Thomas Bascom.

According to the New England Families Genealogical and Memorial: Third Series, Volume IV:  "Of his ancestry or birthplace (Thomas) no positive evidence has been found. According to Bishop Henry Bidleman Bascom, one of his descendants, the family was French." 

The Online Bascom Genealogy site says that: "... although definitive proof has not been established, we believe Thomas can be traced back to the earliest known French Bascoms of the 1400's."  The book "Bascom and Allied Families", by Mrs. Joseph Dayton Bascom, (1932) covers the French and English Bascom lineage according to Brad Bascom, the President of the Bascom Reunion Association.  While some source material and validation is lacking it is currently the only source we have on this lineage.

The first 7 generations as presented by this site are as follows:

01. Gilbert Bascom - married Jehanne De Mons
02. Guillaume Bascom
(1410-1490) married Marie De La Croix
03. Guillaume Bascom
(1443-1511) married Adelaide De Chabanne
04. Jean Bascom
(1470-1562) married Suzanne Barbey
05. Robert Bascom (
1499-) married Marie Dornant
06. Jean Bascom
(-1617) married Margaret Barber
07. Jean Bascom
(1570-1625) married
Jane Beaumont


08. Thomas Bascom was born between 1602 and 1606 in Fordington, Dorsetshire, England.  He emigrated from England around 1634 in the Mary and John." He settled first in Dorchester, MA among the other settlers of this ship. In 1689 he moved to Windsor, CT, and in 1655 settled in Northampton, MA where he was among the first settlers of that town. Soon after he arrived Thomas was appointed commissioner to end small causes and is later referred to often in the Northampton town records as "Constable Bascom". He married a woman with the Christian name Avis.  The children of Thomas and Avis are:

1 Hannah Bascom (Born before 1640 -)
                                Married (1) John Broughton on Nov 15, 1650
                                Married (2) William Janes on Nov 20, 1642
2 Abigail Bascom (See Below)
3 Thomas Bascom (Born on Feb 20, 1641/2 in Windsor, CT - Died
                                 on Sep 11, 1689 in Northampton, MA)
                                 Married Mary Newell on Mar 20, 1666/7
4 Hepzibah Bascom (Born on Apr 14, 1644 in Windsor, CT - Died
                                   Sep 20, 1690 in Northampton, MA)
                                   Married Robert Lyman on Nov 5, 1662
5 Unknown Bascom (Died in 1647 in Windsor, CT)

09. Abigail Bascom was born on June 27, 1640 in Windsor, CT.  She married John Ingersoll, son of Thomas Ingersoll and Margery Eaton on Dec 12, 1657 in MA.  Abigail died in April, 1668 in Westfield, Hampden, MA.  I descend from their daughter Hester Ingersoll who married Benoni Jones

LDS records and Online Bascom Genealogy list the ancestors of Thomas Bascom back to Gilbert Bascom, who was born in the late 1300's and married Jehanne De Mons.


Migration pattern of my Bascom family
France -- England -- CT


Surnames that married into my Bascom family



Bascom material on the internet

The Online BASCOM Genealogy click HERE to go directly into their online GEDCOM pages.



The Bascom Reunion Association has a homepage, and has up to date information on their reunions.  They mention the books that I list below.  This is a great site that has a lot of interesting Bascom material on it.




"Thomas Bascom and His Descendants", Edward Harris, 1870

2 "Bascom and Allied Families", Mrs. Joseph Dayton Bascom, 1932
3 "A History of the Battiscombe and Bascom Families" , G. B. Barrow, 1976


My Descent From The Bascom Line

Generation Father Mother
13 Thomas Bascom (1606-1682) Avis (1615-1675)
12 John Ingersoll (1615-1684) Abigail Bascom (1640-1668)
11 Benoni Jones (1665-1704) Ester Ingersoll (1663-1705)
10 Benjamin Jones (1696-1783) Patience Evarts (1695-1770)
9 Ebenezer Jones (1718-1800) Zerviah Loomis (1724-1808)
8 Miles Jones (1764-1812) Mehitable Adams (1771-1812)
7 Miles Jones (1794-1885) Pamelia Turner (1805-1883)
6 Darius Benjamin Jones (1834-1918) Marquerite Cowan (1835-1906)
5 Nathaniel Henry Hawk (1858-1944) Anna Irene Jones (1868-1936)
4 Ernest August Schwiening (1873-1944) Grace Myrtle Hawk (1885-1984)
3 William Edward Marshall (1901-1981) Irene Sophia Schwiening (1908-1992)
2 William Edward Marshall
1 Tod Howard Marshall

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