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01. John Benjamin was born in 1568 in Sussex Co., England.  He married Joan Hookes.  According to a Rootsweb source, "Frank Everett Benjamin researching the John & Richard lineage in England found wills from Lewes, East Sussex, England. These he had transcribed from Latin to English confirming that John Benjamin, Sr. and Joane Hookes were the parents of John & Richard Benjamin. Also confirming their children and birth dates."  John died in 1608 in Sussex Co., his wife died in 1619.


02. John Benjamin, son of John and Joan was born about 1596 in Heathfield, Sussex, England.   He married Abigail Eddye, daughter of Rev. William Eddy and Mary Fosten.  John, along with his brother Richard left Herefordshire for America and arrived on the ship "Lion" in 1632.  John Benjamin, a proprietor of Cambridge, was admitted freeman 6 November, 1632, and was constable 20 May, 1633. Of his house in Cambridge Governor Winthrop wrote:  "Mr. Benjamin's mansion was unsurpassed for elegance and comfort by any in the vicinity. It was the mansion of intelligence, religion, and hospitality, visited by the clergy of all denominations, and by the literati at home and abroad.  His library was said to be one of the finest in the country. It was probably destroyed in the fire in 1636 which burned his house, valued at 100. The next year the Watertown records show grants of land to him. There he died 14 June, 1645. His will is of date 12 June; the inventory shows an estate valued at 297 3s 2d. The list of books includes a Book of Martiers. His widow Abigail went with her daughter, Abigail Stubbs, to Charlestown, where she died 20 May, 1687, aged eighty-seven." 

Source:  "Powers-Banks Ancestry" by John Leslie Powers (1921)

The children of John and Abigail are:

1 John Benjamin (1620 in England - Dec 22, 1706 in MA)
          Married Lydia Allen
2 Abigail Benjamin (1624 in England - 1704 in MA)
          Married (1) Joshua Stubbs
Married (2) John Woodward
3 Samuel Benjamin (1628 in England - Sep 25, 1659 in CT)
4 Mary Benjamin (Abt 1629 in England - Apr 10, 1646 in MA)
5 Joseph Benjamin (See Below)
6 Joshua Benjamin (May 6, 1642 in MA - May 6, 1684 in MA)
           Married Thankful Stowe
7 Caleb Benjamin (1643 in MA - May 8, 1684 in CT)
Mary Hale
8 Abel Benjamin (Abt 1645 in MA - Abt 1710 in MA)
           Married Amity Myrick on Nov 6, 1671 in MA

03. Joseph Benjamin, son of John Benjamin and Abigail was born on September 16, 1633 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.  "Joseph went to Cape Cod, married there Jemima Lambert, a daughter of Thomas Lombard, 10 June, 1661. He lived in Yarmouth. In 1680 he traded for a farm in Barnstable, but about 1690 removed to Preston, Connecticut, where he died in 1704.   Joseph by his first wife had one daughter, Abigail. He soon married a cousin of his first wife, Sarah Clark. Their children were: Joseph, born 1666 (also given 1673); Hannah, February, 1668, not living in 1704; Mary, April, 1670, married J. Clark 16 November, 1697; Mercy, 12 March, 1674; Elizabeth, 14 January, 1679(80), not living in 1704; John, 1682, died 2 August, 1716. These are from the town records at Barnstable. Mentioned in the settlement of the estate were Jemima, Kezia, and Sarah. As Jemima bore the first wife's name, it is natural to suppose that she was the first born daughter by the second marriage, born about 1666. The Stow record is not incorrect in calling her "of Plymouth"; Barnstable was in Plymouth Colony." 

Source:  "Powers-Banks Ancestry" by John Leslie Powers (1921).

The children of Joseph and Jemima are:

1 Abigail Benjamin (1662 in MA - ) Did not marry
2 Jemima Benjamin (See Below)
3 Sarah Benjamin (Abt. 1667 in MA - ) Married Thomas Knowlton
4 Hannah Benjamin (1668 in MA - aft. 1752)
Married Simeon Gates (1665-1752)

               1. Elizabeth Gates (1701 - 1741) Married Thomas Wheeler (1697-)
5 Mary Benjamin (1670 in MA - ) Married John Clark
6 Joseph Benjamin (1673 in MA - ) Married Elizabeth Cook
7 Mercy Benjamin (1674 in MA) Married Isaac Gates
8 Elizabeth Benjamin (1680 -  )
9 John Benjamin (1682 - ) Married Febe Larabee

 04. Jemima Benjamin, daughter of Joseph and Jemima was born in February, 1666 in Barnstable, MA.  She married Stephen Gates, son of Stephen Gates and Sarah Woodward on November 8, 1686 in Stow, Middlesex, MA.    I descend from their daughter Thankful Gates who married Daniel Woodward.


Migration pattern of my Benjamin family
England -- Massachusetts  -- Connecticut


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