My Thompson ancestors

01. Anthony Thompson was born August 30, 1612 in Lenham, Kent, England.  In 1637, He arrived in America with brothers John and William, his wife, sons John and Anthony and Governor Eaton.  He settled in New Haven, CT in 1639 and died in 1648.  His descendants remained in Connecticut for several generations.  

The children of Anthony and an unknown spouse are:

1 John Thompson (See Below)
2 Bridget Thompson (1633 Derby, New Haven, CT - May 19, 1720 in Derby, New Haven, CT)
           Married John Bowers abt. 1660
3 Anthony Thompson, Jr. (Dec 1634 - Between 22-29 Dec 1654 in New Haven, CT) age 20
4 Lydia Thompson (Between 1642 and 1647 - Dec 1729)
           Married Isaac Cruttenden on Sep 20, 1665 in Guilford, CT

02. John Thompson son of Anthony, called "Mariner," has usually been assigned a wife Ellen or Hellena (cf. History of Goshen, and Genealogal History of Connecticut, 1911, p. 1000). This is an error, and the only wife of John who appears on record was Anne Vicars, or Vicaris. On 25 Feb. 1657, John Tompson entered an action against the estate of John Roberts, part of which was then in the hands of Mr. Wakeman, on the ground that there had been a treaty of marriage betwixt the said John Roberts and Ann Vicars (now wife to the said John Tompson), and that her former betrothed had by word of mouth left his estate to Ann (Hoadley, Records of the Juristiction of New Haven, vol. 2, p. 198). It should be noted that John Wakeman's wife, Elizabeth Hopkins, had a first cousin Ann, daughter of Walter Vicaris (see the will of William Hopkins of Bewdley, Worchestershire, given in the Wakeman Genealogy, p. 30). John Thompson died 2 June 1707, and the inventory of "Mr. John Thompson, Marriner, late deed," was presented 28 Oct. 1707 (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 3, p. 116). In the absence of any distribution of the estate, it is difficult to place his daughters with certainty. Most of his land had been deede in the later years of his life to his sons John, Joseph, Samuel, and William (New Haven Deeds, vols. 2 and 3). There is no difficulty in identifying the first three, but there seems to have been considerable misapprehension as to the identity of William. This problem is considered below under William Thompson. There is no proof that Ann Vicars was mother of all the children, but no other wife has been found. 

Source: "Families of Ancient New Haven", by Donald Jacobus (1931)

The 8 children of John and Anne are:

1 John Thompson (May 12, 1657 in New Haven, CT - Nov 15, 1711 in New Haven, CT)
Married Rebecca Daniel on May 9, 1682 in New Haven, CT
2 Ann Thompson (Abt. 1662 in New Haven, CT - Jan 15, 1691 in New Haven, CT) 
Married Caleb Chidsey, Jr. on May 10, 1668 in New Haven, CT
3 Joseph Thompson (Apr 4, 1664 in New Haven, CT - Dec 14, 1711 in New Haven, CT)  
Married Elizabeth Smith on Feb 2, 1696 in New Haven, CT
4 Unknown Thompson (Sep 1667 in New Haven, CT - ) May be same person as Ann Thompson
5 Samuel Thompson (May 12, 16669 in New Haven, CT - Mar 26, 1749) 
Married Rebecca Bishop on Nov 14, 1695 in New Haven, CT
6 Sarah Thompson (Jan 10, 1671 in New Haven, CT - Nov 21, 1711 in New Haven, CT) 
Married John Mix, Jr. on Nov 25, 1702 in New Haven, CT
7 William Thompson (See below)  
8 Mary Thompson (May 16, 1678 in New Haven, CT - )

03. William Thompson, son of John was born 17 Jan 1674. That "John the mariner" had a son William is proved by two deeds to the latter, and by mention of him in the will of William Thompson (no. 1) in 1682; but there has been considerable doubt as to his identity, as there were two Williams who could be elgible. One, called William, Sr., was a man of some importance, is called "joiner" and "surveyor" in deeds, and frequently had "Mr." prefixed to his name; he married in 1682 Joanna Daniel, widow of John Glover, and died in 1741. The other, called William, Jr., married before 1708 Martha ____, and died in 1717. The obvious theory is that William, "Sr.," was one of the oldest sons of John, and that William, "Jr.," was son of William "Sr.," but this hypothesis, which is generally accepted, proves untenable. 

The chronology of William, Sr's, recorded family leaves no room for the birth of a son William. Moreover, William Sr., deeded no land to William, Jr., nor did he mention him or his heirs in his will, wherein he made careful provision for his sons. Nor do the heirs of William, Jr., appear in deeds in which all the heirs of William, Sr., appear; but there is positive evidence to prove that William, Jr., was son of John the mariner. First: William, son of John Thompson, was born 17 Jan. 1674, which is much to late for the birth of William, Sr.; secondly : John the mariner deeded to his son William along with other land one-third part of his whole division and tract of land (1702), which property was afterwards (1707) deeded away by William Thompson, husbandman (New Haven Deeds, vol. 3, pp. 21,34), showing that John's son William was a farmer, whereas William Sr., always appears as joiner or surveyor; thirdly : the other land deeded by John the mariner to his son William (New Haven Deeds, vol. 3, pp. 21,22) is to be found mentioned in the inventory of William, Jr. (New Haven Probate Records, vol.6, p. 1) ; and finally Caleb Thompson, who is known to be a son of William Jr., deeded land that was laid out to his father William Thompson, deceased, and other land that was laid out to his grandfather John Thompson, deceased (New Haven Deeds, vol. 8, p. 331).

The only question that could remain is whether, as sometimes happened, John could have had two sons named William, but the evidence is against it, for in John's deed to William he is referred to as his "son William." Also the will of William Thompson (no. 1), wherein he mentioned his "cousin William, son of nephew John," would have distinguished between them if there had been two sons named William. William, Jr., who died 13 Mar 1717, married Martha _____ who died after 1755. His estate was not settled until 1730 (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 6, p.1 ). 

Source: "Families of Ancient New Haven", Vol. VII, page 1757

The children of William and Martha are:

1 Caleb Thompson (See Below)
2 Martha Thompson  (Feb 1709 in New Haven, CT - Dec 22, 1769 in New Haven, CT)
          Married Stephen Austin, Sr. on Apr 19, 1732 in New Haven, CT  
3 Abraham Thompson (Jun 1711 in New Haven, CT - Sep 2, 1774 in New Haven, CT)
          Married Mary Alling on Nov 9, 1732 in New Haven, CT  
4 Sarah Thompson (Oct 1, 1717 in New Haven, CT - Dec 24, 1780)
Married Matthew Gilbert on Jun 12, 1755 in New Haven, CT  

04. Caleb Thompson, son of William and Martha was born on September 15, 1708 in New Haven, CT.  He chose Capt. Samuel Thomson his guardian (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 5, p. 320.)  After moving to Waterbury he married Rebecca Hickok, daughter of William Hickok and Rebecca Andrews on August 16, 1731 in Waterbury, CT.

The children of Caleb and Rebecca are:

1 Sybil Thompson (Apr 8, 1732 - )
         Married Bartholomew Williams on Nov 11, 1749 in Waterbury, CT
         (1) Israel Williams (1752 in Waterbury, CT - 1821 in Windsor, NY)
              Married Hannah Parker    
1. Bartholomew Williams (Abt 1780 - ) Married Polly Humiston in 1806
                  1. Henry B. Williams (1808 in NY - ) Married Julia B. Stannard in 1834
1. Alice Amelia Williams 
2. Israel Williams (1782 in Watertown, CT - May 12, 1862 in Windsor, NY) Married Lola
                  1. Levi Williams (Abt 1827 - )
2. Merrit Wlliams (1832 - )
3. Henry Williams (Mar 1, 1855 in Windsor, NY - )
         (2) Obediah Williams (Jan 1, 1754 in Waterbury, CT - 1832 in Colebrook, CT)     
         (3) Bartholomew Williams (1755 in Waterbury, CT - Jun 10, 1846 in Martinsburg, NY)    
              Married Polly Humiston in 1806
1. Henry Williams (1808 in Colesville, Broome, NY - )
         (4) Rebeckah Williams (1756 in Waterbury, CT)    
2 William Thompson  (Feb 5, 1735 Waterbury, CT - Dec 22, 1759 in Charleston, NH) age 24
                              In French & Indian War (Source: Familes of Ancient New Haven")
3 Rachel Thompson (See Below)

05. Rachel Thompson, daughter of Caleb and Rebecca was born on December 22, 1737.  She married Jedediah Turner, son of John Turner and Abigail Richards on April 5, 1760 in Waterbury, CT.  She died on Oct 17, 1771. 

I descend from their son Asa Turner who married Isabel Ketchum.


Migration pattern of my Thompson family
England -- CT


Surnames that married into my Thompson family





My Descent From The Thompson Line

Generation Father Mother
13 Anthony Thompson (1612-1648)  
12 John Thompson (1632-1707) Ann Vicars (1633-)
11 William Thompson (1674-1717) Martha (1687-)
10 Caleb Thompson (1708-) Rebecca Hickok (1708-)
9 Jedediah Turner (1733-1819) Rachel Thompson (1737-1771)
8 Asa Turner (1765-1847) Isabel Ketchum (1769-1842)
7 Miles Jones (1794-1885) Pamelia Turner (1805-1883)
6 Darius Benjamin Jones (1834-1918) Marquerite Cowan (1835-1906)
5 Nathaniel Henry Hawk (1858-1944) Anna Irene Jones (1868-1936)
4 Ernest August Schwiening (1873-1944) Grace Myrtle Hawk (1885-1984)
3 William Edward Marshall (1901-1981) Irene Sophia Schwiening (1908-1992)
2 William Edward Marshall
1 Tod Howard Marshall

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