My Scudder ancestors

The main source of information on the Scudder line is from Bill Putnam's excellent Scudder Family Genealogy on his website.

Thomas Scudder, according to "Scudder Family Genealogy" - "was born in Horton Kirby, Kent, England in the early 1590s. He married his wife Elizabeth in about 1617. They had five children, all born in England before 1622. They sailed from Kent, England in 1635 for Salem, Massachusetts in the new world. There have been many references to Elizabeth's maiden name being Lorners or Lowers, but it would appear that Elizabeth was a Somers based on Robert Scudder' research. Thomas and Elizabeth lived in Salem for the remainders of their lives. Thomas wrote his will on September 30, 1657 and it was proved on June 29, 1658. He died sometime during that one year period, probably in the spring of 1658. In this will, he names his wife, Elizabeth, his sons John, Thomas and Henry, his daughter Elizabeth and his grandson Thomas son of his (deceased) son William. His wife Elizabeth died, also in Salem, in 1666."

The children of Thomas and Elizabeth are: 

1 Thomas Scudder  ( - Nov 14, 1690 in Huntington, Ma)  Married Mary
1. Timothy Scudder
2. Benjamin Scudder
3. Elizabeth Scudder - Married Walter Noakes
4. Mary Scudder - Married Robert Arthur
5. Sarah Scudder
6. Mercy Scudder
2 Henry Scudder ( - 1661) Married Catherine Esty. Had son Jonathan and 4 other children.
3 William Scudder ( - bef. 1657 in MA)
4 John Scudder (See below)
5 Elizabeth Scudder (1622 in Kent, England - 1682)
6 Martha Scudder ( - )

John Scudder, son of Thomas and Elizabeth.  According to "Scudder Family Genealogy" - "was born in Kent, England in 1619 and traveled with his family to Salem in 1636.  In 1642 he received a land grant in Salem for himself. In the same year he married Mary King.  They appear on the Salem Church list in 1647... In 1651 John, along with his brothers Thomas and Henry, sailed from Salem to Southold on the eastern tip of Long Island. Southold was originally settled in the early 1640s by a Salem Minister, John Youngs. It was established as a part of the newly founded New Haven Colony. In 1651 Reverend Youngs brought a boatload of Puritans from Salem and our Scudders were on board...John Scudder was a currier and tanner of leather while in Salem and he continued this profession after he moved to Long Island.  John and Mary Scudder remained in Southold from 1651 to 1657 when they moved to Huntington. By 1660 they were prominent in Newtown, New York where they lived for the remainder of their lives...John Scudder died sometime afterwards in Newtown. Mary had died on January 5, 1668. They had 5 children, all born in Salem, Massachusetts."

The children of John and Mary are:

1 Samuel Scudder ( - Jan 1689) Married Phebe Titus, daughter of Edmund Titus & Martha Washborne
    1. Samuel Scudder (abt 1681 in Newtown, NY - Aug 31, 1764 in Newtown, NY)
    2. Mary Scudder (abt 1682 - )
2 John Scudder (1645 in Salem, MA - ) Married Joanna Betts in 1669, daughter of Capt. Richard Betts
3 Mary Scudder (bap. Jun 11, 1648 in Salem, MA - )
4 Elizabeth Scudder (See Below)
5 Hannah Scudder (bap. 1649/50 in Salem, MA - ) Married William Smith abt. 1660

04. Elizabeth Scudder, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth was born in 1648 in London, England.  She married Jan Alburtis, son of Pietro Alberti and Judith Jawse Mange in Newtown, Queens, New York. 

I descend from their son Jan Alburtis who married Sarah Ellison.


Migration pattern of my Scudder family
England -- Massachusetts


Surnames that married into my Scudder family


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"The Scudder Family of Trenton" by Moses Bigelow (1948) - out of print


My Descent From The Scudder Line

Generation Father Mother
14 Thomas Scudder (Abt. 1590-Abt. 1658) Elizabeth Somers (1591-1665)
13 John Scudder (1619-) Mary King (1623-1667)
12 Jan Albertis (1643-1691) Elizabeth Scudder (1648-)
11 Jan Albertis (1668-1708) Sarah Ellison (1671-1710)
10 Robert Worthington (1663-1735) Mary Burtis (1703-1798)
9 Samuel Pearson (1724-1790) Martha Worthington (1732-)
8 Enoch Pearson (1751-1790) Phoebe DeMoss (1752-1841)
7 Charles Paty (1788-1849) Phoebe Pearson (1789-1868)
6 Martin Furnas (1801-1849) Marcena Patty (1805-1882)
5 Thomas Marshall (1822-1870) Rhoda Furnas (1824-1906)
4 William Frank Marshall (1845-1909) Nancy Emily Crewse (1860-1936)
3 William Edward Marshall (1901-1981) Irene Sophia Schwiening (1908-1992)
2 William Edward Marshall
1 Tod Howard Marshall

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