My Blount ancestors

The following history on the Blount family is from various sources including
 "Medieval English Ancestors of Robert Abell"


01. Rudolph Le Blount, born abt. 997, was Count of Guines.  He married Rosetta St. Pol, said to be a daughter of Hugh, second Count of St. Pol.  Burke's Commoners states he was the grandson of Sigefried, the Dane, first Count, who was grandson of Harold V, King of Denmark but this line is questionable since one researcher has found that Godfried cannot be Sigefried's father because Godfried was murdered 10 years before the birth of Sigefried. 


02. Sir Robert Le Blount, son of Rudolph and Rosetta was born abt. 1029.  He was the first Baron Ixworth in Suffolk.  He married Gundred, said to be daughter or sister of Henry and often identified erroneously as Earl Ferrers.


03. Gilbert Le Blount, son of Robert and Gundred was born abt. 1055.  He was the second Baron Ixworth.  He married Alice De Colekirke.


04. William Le Blount, son of Gilbert and Alice was born abt. 1087.  He was the third Baron Ixworth.  He married Sarah De Munchesne, daughter of Hubert de Munchesne.


05. Gilbert Le Blount , son of William and Sarah was born abt.  1119.  He was the fourth Baron Ixworth.  He married Agnes De L'Isle.  Gilbert was living in 1173.


06. Sir Stephen Le Blount , son of Gilbert and Agnes was born abt. 1166.  He was of record 1189-1198, succeeded his nephew William.  He married Maria Le Blount of Saxlington, only daughter and heiress of Sir William le Blound, of Saxlingham (fourth in direct line from Sir William, brother of Sir Robert, according to Burke's Commoners, 1:355).  He died in 1235.


07. Sir Robert Blount , son of Stephen and Maria was born abt. 1197.  He was lord of Saxlington.  He married Isabel Odenselo (or Odinsels).  He was a witness to the charter of Hilton Abbey, Staffordshire, in 1223, and acquired Belton, Rutland.  He died in 1288.


08. William Le Blount , son of Robert and Isabel was born abt. 1233.  He married first Isabel Beauchamp, traditionally a member of the Beauchamp family, thought be some to be a daughter of William de Beauchamp of Elmley Castle by Isabel Malduit.  in addition to property in Worchestershire he held the manor of Belton in Rutland and there may have been a close connection with a family of the same name in Hanslope, Bucks., which he held in 1268, and which was held by Isabel in 1296.  He was accused in 1265, before the commissioners appointed under the Dictum of Kenilworth, of unlawful violence at Quinton in Northamptonshire, England.  William died in the spring in 1280.


09. Sir Walter Le Blount , of the Rock, Worchestershire, son of William and Isabel was born abt 1270.   He married Joan De Sodington (either a first or second wife) before February 1294.  He was in 1313 a part of the Lancastrian party against Piers de Gaveston.  In 1318 and 1321 he was Knight of the Shire for Worcester, and in 1322 he was summoned for personal service against the Scots.  


10. Sir John Le Blount , son of Walter and Joan was born abt. 1298.  He was aged 39 in 1337 when he was a knight and found heir to his elder brother, William Blount, Lord Blount, was of Sodington in Worchestershire when he died in 1358.    In 1324 he was a practiced soldier of Worchestershire.  He was joint commissioner in Worchestershire in 1344, inquiring as to holders of land.  He served in Gascony under Henry, Earl of Lancaster, and later, in 1347, under King Edward III at the siege of Calais, until the king returned to England.  In October, 1350 he was on a pilgrimage to Santiago.  John has been linked to several wives as mother of Sir Walter Blount.  The Complete Peerage states that John married only once to Isoude Mountjoy.  Burke's Commoners mentions Elizabeth Beauchamp, daughter of Sir John Beauchamp.  Boyer's book appears to go with with Isoude as the mother of Walter.


11. Sir Walter Blount , son of John and Isoude was born abt. 1348. He married Dona Sancha De Ayala abt. 1373 who was daughter of Don Diego de Guzman, lord of Casarrubios, Malpica and Valdepusa, Governor of the Castle of Toledo in Castilla in Spain and his wife Ines de Ayala.  He became a noted soldier and apparently acquired a great fortune.  Tradition has it that he fought at Najera under John of Gaunt on April 3, 1367.  He was apparently in that Duke's service in 1369, and was already a knight in March 1371/2.  In January 1372/3 the Duke appointed him Constable of Tutbury Castle for life, and in May he contracted to servce the Duke in peace and war for life.  By 1372 he had joined the household of John of Gaunt, with whom in March 1377/8 he set out for Spain.  He had fought in Brittany under Edmund, Earl of Cambridge, in 1375.  In 1380 he was J.P. for Staffordshire, and in 1388 he held the same office in Derbyshire.  In 1386 he accompanied John of Gaunt to Spain again.  In 1387 he suffered lose of face when Sir John Ipstones forced him to give up a bond for good behavior previously taken from one of Ipstone's servants.  In 1392 he was a commissioner of array in Staffs., and in 1393 he was to treat with Spain as to peace.  He and Sancha his wife obtained papal indults for portable alters in 1394.  He was chosen Knight of the Shire for Derby in 1399 after the accession of King Henry IV, whom he had led to Revenspur with a large force of his own.  In Feb. 1399/1400 he was receiving instructions for an embassy to Portugal, Spain and Aragon, and in August 1401 he was summoned to a Council.  In that year he was a commissioner for oyer and terminer.  Also in 1400 he was sent to Ireland in attendance to the king's son, Thomas of Lancaster.  He was a character in Shakespeare's Henry IV, although Cokayne did not believe Shakespeare's thesis that Sir Walter le Blount died as a result of being dressed like the King at Shrewsbury.  His will, dated at Liverpool 16 Dec. 1401, was proved 1 Aug. 1403.  In it he mentioned Constance Baroness Dudley.


12. Constance Blount , daughter of Walter and Sancha was born in 1378.  She married Sir John Sutton of Dudley Castle, Staffordshire.  I descend from their son Sir John Sutton who married Elizabeth Berkeley.


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The Complete Peerage records for the Blount family


My Descent From The Blount Line

30 Rudolph Le Blount, Count (997-) Rosetta St. Paul
29 Robert Le Blount, Sir (1029-) Gundred
28 Gilbert Le Blount, Sir (1055-) Alicia De Colekirke
27 William Le Blount, Sir (1087-) Sarah
26 Gilbert Le Blount, Sir (1119-) Agnes De L'isle
25 Stephen Le Blount, Sir (1166-1235) Maria (1170-)
24 Robert Le Blount, Sir (1197-1288) Isabel Odinsels (1202-)
23 William Le Blount, Sir (1233-1316) Isabella De Beauchamp
22 Walter Le Blount, Sir (1270-) Johanna De Sodington (1274-)
21 John Le Blount, Sir (1298-1358) Eleanor Beauchamp (1307-1391)
20 Walter Blount, Sir (1350-1403) Sancha De Alava (1360-1418)
19 John De Sutton, Sir V  (1378-1406)  Constance Blount (1378-1432)
18 John De Sutton, Sir VI (1400-1487) Elizabeth Berkeley (1400-1478)
17 Thomas Mainwaring (1450-1508) Jane De Sutton (1455-)
16 John Cotton (1465-)  Cicely Mainwaring (1470-)
15 George Cotton (1505-1545) Mary Onley (1517-1560)
14 Richard Cotton (1539-1602) Mary Mainwaring (1541-1578)
13 George Abell (1561-1631) Frances Cotton (1565-1630)
12 Robert Abell (1589) Joanna (1610-1671)
11 Caleb Abell (1646-1731) Margaret Post (1653-1700)
10 Zachariah Loomis (1681-1751) Joanna Abell (1682-1759)
9 Ebenezer Jones (1718-1800) Zerviah Loomis (1724-1808)
8 Miles Jones (1764-1812) Mehitable Adams (1771-1812)
7 Miles Jones (1794-1885) Pamelia Turner (1805-1883)
6 Darius Benjamin Jones (1834-1918) Marquerite Cowan (1835-1906)
5 Nathaniel Henry Hawk (1858-1944) Anna Irene Jones (1868-1936)
4 Ernest August Schwiening (1873-1944) Grace Myrtle Hawk (1885-1984)
3 William Edward Marshall (1901-1981) Irene Sophia Schwiening (1908-1992)
2 William Edward Marshall
1 Tod Howard Marshall


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