My Berenger ancestors
The Berenger line consisted of the early Court-kings of Barcelona and Aragon

01. Berengeur Ramon I, Count of Barcelona , son of Ramon Borrell, Count of Barcelona and Ermesinde of Carcassonne, was born in 1005. He married Sancha Sanchez, sister-in-law of Sancho the Great of Navarre. He was the Count of Barcelona, Girona, and Ausona from 1018 until his death on May 26, 1035.

02. Ramon Berenger I, Count of Barcelona , son of Berengeur and Sancha was born in 1024. He married Almodis de La Marche, daughter of Bernard I, Count of Marche and Amélie. It was during his reign that the dominant position of Barcelona among the other Catalan counties became evident. He ruled from 1035 until his death in 1076.  

03. Ramon Berenger II, Count of Barcelona , son of Ramon and Almodis was born abt. 1054.  He succeeded his father as co-ruler with his twin brother, Berenguer Ramon, in 1075. Because of the extremely thick hair he had on top of his head, he was known as Cap d'Estop." He married Matilda of Apulia, daughter of Duke Robert Guiscard and Sikelgaita de Salerno. He died on December 6, 1082.

04. Ramon Berenger III, Count of Barcelona , son of Ramon and Matilda was born on November 11, 1082 in Rodez, France.  He succeeded his father to co-rule with his uncle Berenguer Ramon II. He became the sole ruler in 1097, when Berenguer Ramon II was forced into exile. He married Douce I, Countess of Provence, daughter of Gilbert I of Gevaudan and Gerberga of Provence.  He died in on August 9, 1131.

05. Ramon Berenger IV, Count of Barcelona
, son of Ramon and Douce was born abt. 1113. Ramon brought about the union of his County of Barcelona with the Kingdom of Aragon to form the Crown of Aragon. He married Petronilla of Aragon, daughter of Ramiro II of Aragon and Agnes of Aquitaine. He died on August 6, 1162.

06. Alfonso II, "The Chaste", King of Aragon
was born in 1157 in Huesca, Spain.  His reign has been characterised by nationalistic and nostalgic Catalan historians, as l'engrandiment occitànic or "the Pyrenean unity": a great scheme to unite various lands on both sides of the Pyrenees under the rule of the House of Barcelona. He married Sancha of Castile, daughter of King Alfonso VII of Castile and Richeza of Poland. He died on April 25, 1196. 

07. Alfonso II, Count of Provence , son of Alfonso and Sancha was born in 1174 in Barcelona.  His father transferred the County of Provence from his uncle Sancho to him in 1185.  He married Gersenda II of Sabran in 1193, daughter of Rainou, Count of Forcalquier and Gersend. He died on December 1, 1209.

08. Ramon Berenger V, Count of Provence
, son of Alfonso and Garsenda was born in 1198. After his father's death in 1209, Ramon was imprisoned in the castle of Monzón, in Aragon until he was able to escape in 1219 and claim his inheritance. He was a powerful and energetic ruler who added Forcalquier to his domain. He married
Beatrice of Savoy, daughter of Thomas I of Savoy and Margaret of Geneva on June 5, 1219. He died on August 19, 1245. 

09. Eleanor of Provence , daughter of Ramon and Beatrice was born abt. 1223 in Aix-en-Provence, France.  She married King Henry III of England on January 14, 1236.  She was hated by Londoners due to the appointment of her relatives in influential government positions.
She also was renowned for her cleverness, skill at writing poetry, and as a leader of fashion. Eleanor died on June 24, 1291.  I descend from their 2 sons: (1) King Edward I and (2) Edmond, 2nd Earl of Lancaster. 


A Descent From The Berenger Line

Generation Father Mother
36 Berengeur Ramon (1005-1035) Sancha Sanchez
35 Ramon Berenger I (c1024-1076) Almodis De La Marche (c1020-1071)
34 Ramon Berenger II (c1054-1082) Matilda of Apulia
33 Ramon Berenger III (1082-1131) Douce I of Provence (c1090-1127)
32 Ramon Berenger IV (c1113-1162) Petronilla of Aragon (1135-1174)
31 Alfonso II, King of Aragon (1157-1196) Sancha of Castile (1164-1208)
30 Alfonso II, Count of Provence (1174-1209) Gersenda II of Sabran (c1180-1222)
29 Ramon Berenger V (1198-1245) Beatrice of Savoy (c1198-1266)
28 King Henry III (1206-1272) Eleanor of Provence (1222-1291)
27 King Edward I "Longshanks" (1239-1307) Eleanor of Castile (1240-1290)
26 Gilbert De Clare (1243-1295) Joan "of Acre" Plantagenet (1272-1307)
25 Hugh D'Audley (1289-1347) Margaret De Clare (1292-1342)
24 Ralph De Stafford (1301-1372) Margaret D'Audley (1318-1347)
23 Sir John De Ferrers (1331-1367) Elizabeth De Stafford (c1337-1375)
22 Sir Robert De Ferrers (1359-1413) Margaret Le Despencer (1415-)
21 Sir Edmond De Ferrers (c1387-1435) Ellen Roche (-1440)
20 Sir William De Ferrers (1412-1450) Elizabeth Belknap (1471-)
19 Sir Walter Devereux (1433-1485) Anne De Ferrers (1438-1469)
18 Sir Richard Corbet (1451-1493) Elizabeth Devereux (1452-1541)
17 Sir Robert Corbet (1477-1513) Elizabeth Vernon (1481-1563)
16  Sir Richard Mainwaring (1499-1558) Dorothy Corbet (1498-)
15 Sir Arthur Mainwaring (1520-1590) Margaret Mainwaring (1521-)
14 Richard Cotton (1539-1602) Mary Mainwaring (1541-1578)
13 George Abell (1561-1631) Frances Cotton (1565-1630)
12 Robert Abell (1589) Joanna (1610-1671)
11 Caleb Abell (1646-1731) Margaret Post (1653-1700)
10 Zachariah Loomis (1681-1751) Joanna Abell (1682-1759)
9 Ebenezer Jones (1718-1800) Zerviah Loomis (1724-1808)
8 Miles Jones (1764-1812) Mehitable Adams (1771-1812)
7 Miles Jones (1794-1885) Pamelia Turner (1805-1883)
6 Darius Benjamin Jones (1834-1918) Marquerite Cowan (1835-1906)
5 Nathaniel Henry Hawk (1858-1944) Anna Irene Jones (1868-1936)
4 Ernest August Schwiening (1873-1944) Grace Myrtle Hawk (1885-1984)
3 William Edward Marshall (1901-1981) Irene Sophia Schwiening (1908-1992)
2 William Edward Marshall
1 Tod Howard Marshall

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