My Butler Ancestors

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01. Theobald Butler , was the first Baron Butler and the first Chief Butler of Ireland.  He also held the office of Butler in England and was the High Sheriff of Lancashire for 1194.  Theobald was the ancestor of the Butler family of Ireland.   He was involved in the Irish campaigns of King Henry II of England and John of England. His eldest brother Hubert Walter became the Archbishop of Canterbury and justiciar and Lord Chancellor of England.  He Married Maud Le Vavasour, heiress of Robert le Vavasour, a baron of Yorkshire.  Theobald died in 1206.

02. Theobald Le Botiller , 2nd Chief Butler of Ireland and son of Theobald and Maud was born abt 1200.  He married Joan Du Marias.  He died on July 19, 1230. 

03. Theobald Butler
, 3rd Chief Butler of Ireland and son of Theobald and Joan was born abt 1223 in Norfolk, England.  He supported his guardian, Henry III, in the wars with the Barons. He married Margery De Burgh.  He died on December 26, 1248. 

04. Theobald Le Botiller , 4th Chief Butler of Ireland and son of Theobald and Margery was born abt. abt. 1242 in Arklow, Wicklow, Ireland.  He married Joan FitzJohn, daughter of John FitzGeoffrey and Isabell Bigod abt. 1268.  The 4th Butler, Theobald fought against the Mortimers at Evesham, sat in the Irish Parliaments of Edward I and campaigned under that commanding leader in Scotland and Wales, before dying at the relatively advanced age of about 43 and leaving eight sons and two daughters.  Theobald died on September 26, 1285.

05. Edmund Le Botiller , Earl of Carrick, 6th Chief Butler of Ireland and son of Theobald and Joan Eleanor was born abt. 1271 in Knocktopher Castle, Arklow, Wicklow, Ireland. He married Joan FitzJohn.  Edmund died on September 13, 1321 in London, England. 

06. James Butler , 7th Chief Butler of Ireland, 1st Earl of Ormond and son of James and Elizabeth was born in 1305 in Carrickfergus Castle, Ireland.  Upon his father's death in 1321 the only hereditary title that James held was that of Chief Butler of Ireland.  He was awarded earldom in his own right for his loyalty to the Crown by his benefactor King Edward III.  He married Eleanor De Bohun, daughter of Humphrey VIII De Bohun and Elizabeth Plantagenet in 1327.  Elizabeth was the daughter of King Eddward I.  James died on January 6, 1336.

07a. James Butler , 2nd Earl of Ormond and son of James and Anne was born in 1331.  He married Elizabeth (or Anne) Darcy, daughter of Sir John Darcy and Joan De Burgh.  He was a dominant political leader in Ireland in the 1360's and 1370's.  He also slew 600 of Mac Murrough's followers at Teigstaffen (County Kilkenny).  James died in 1382.

07b. Petronilla Butler, son of James and Anne was born abt. 1335.  She married Gilbert Talbot, son of Sir Richard Talbot and Elizabeth Comyn before September 8, 1352.  She died in 1368.  I descend from their son Richard Talbot who married Ankaret Le Strange.

08. James Butler , 3rd Earl of Ormond and son of James and Elizabeth was born abt. 1359 in Oremond, Ireland.  He married Anne Wells, daughter of John De Welles and Maud de Ros. He acceded to the title in 1382 and built Gowran Castle three years later.  James died on September 7, 1405 in Ardee, Ireland.

09. James Butler , 4th Earl of Ormond and son of James and Anne was born in 1392.  He married Joan De Beauchamp, daughter of William De Beauchamp and Joan FitzAlan.  He was called "The White Earl" and esteemed for his learning.  He was the patron of the Irish literary work "The Book of the White Earl".  His political career was marked by a bitter feud with the Talbot family.  James died on August 23, 1452 in Ardee, Ireland.

10. Elizabeth Butler , daughter of James and Joan was born in 1420.  She married John Talbot, son of John Talbot and Maud De Neville.  Elizabeth died on September 8, 1473 in Shrewsbury, England.  I descend from their daughter Ann Talbot who married Sir Henry Vernon.


Surnames that married into my Butler family




My Descent From The Butler Line

Generation Father Mother
28 Theobald  Le Botiller (-1206)  Maud De Vavasour
27 Theobald  Le Botiller (c1200-1230)  Joan Du Marias
26 Theobald  Le Botiller (c1223-1248)  Margery DeBurgh (c1224-)
25 Theobald  Le Botiller (c1242-1285)  Joan FitzJohn (c1250-)
24 Edmund Le Botiller (c1271-1321)  Joan FitzJohn (c1281-1320)
23 James Le Botiller (1305-1336)  Eleanor De Bohun (c1310-1363)
22 James Butler (1331-1382)  Elizabeth Darcy (1332-1390)
21 James Butler (c1359-1405)  Anne Wells (1359-1397)
20 James Butler (1392-1452)  Joan De Beauchamp (1396-1430)
19 John Talbot (1413-1460) Elizabeth Butler (1420-1473)
18 Sir Henry Vernon (1441-1515) Ann Talbot (1445-1494)
17 Sir Robert Corbet (1477-1513) Elizabeth Vernon (1481-1563)
16 Sir Richard Mainwaring (1499-1558) Dorothy Corbet (1498-)
15 Sir Arthur Mainwaring (1520-) Margaret Mainwaring (1521-)
14 Richard Cotton (1539-1602) Mary Mainwaring (1541-1578)
13 George Abell (1561-1631) Frances Cotton (1565-1630)
12 Robert Abell (1589) Joanna (1610-1671)
11 Caleb Abell (1646-1731) Margaret Post (1653-1700)
10 Zachariah Loomis (1681-1751) Joanna Abell (1682-1759)
9 Ebenezer Jones (1718-1800) Zerviah Loomis (1724-1808)
8 Miles Jones (1764-1812) Mehitable Adams (1771-1812)
7 Miles Jones (1794-1885) Pamelia Turner (1805-1883)
6 Darius Benjamin Jones (1834-1918) Marquerite Cowan (1835-1906)
5 Nathaniel Henry Hawk (1858-1944) Anna Irene Jones (1868-1936)
4 Ernest August Schwiening (1873-1944) Grace Myrtle Hawk (1885-1984)
3 William Edward Marshall (1901-1981) Irene Sophia Schwiening (1908-1992)
2 William Edward Marshall
1 Tod Howard Marshall

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