Magna Carta Sureties


About the Magna Carta

The Magna Carta was the first document forced onto a King of England by a group of his subjects, the feudal barons, in an attempt to limit his powers by law and protect their rights.  The 1215 charter required King John of England to proclaim certain liberties and accept that his will was not arbitrary.  It became an important symbol for those who wished to show that the king was bound by the law.  For more information on the Magna Carta, click here for a detailed Wikipedia article.


About the Signers (Sureties) of the Magna Carta

There were 25 signers of the Magna Carta.  These were people of nobility and included Barons, Bishops and Abbots.
The purpose of this page is to note the descendants of at least 12 of these signers connecting them to my "gateway" ancestor  Robert Abell (1589-1663).  Robert's ancestry is traced to Charlemagne through British nobility.  Also note that of the 25 signers, only 17 of them have identified descendants with the others either having no issue or their lines have died out in the 3rd or 4th generations.


The 12 Signers of the Magna Carta which are known to be
direct ancestors of Robert Abell
 #  Name Title Birth/Death Notes


William d'Aubigny Lord of Belvoir Castle - 1236 Click here for descent


Roger Bigod Earl of Norfolk and Suffolk c1144 - 1221 Click here for descent


Hugh Bigod Heir to the Earldoms of Norfolk and Suffolk c1182 - 1225 Click here for descent


Henry de Bohun Earl of Hereford 1176 - 1220 Click here for descent


Richard de Clare Earl of Hertford c1153 - 1217 Click here for descent
06. Gilbert de Clare Heir to the earldom of Hertford 1180 - 1230 Click here for descent


John de Lacy Pontefract Castle c1192 - 1240 Click here for descent


William Malet Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset 1175 - 1215 Click here for descent


William de Mowbray Lord of Axholme Castle c1173 - 1222 Click here for descent


Saire/Saher de Quincy Earl of Winchester c1170 - 1219 Click here for descent


Robert de Roos Lord of Hamlake Castle c1170 - 1227 Click here for descent


Robert de Vere Heir to the earldom of Oxford c1164 - 1221 Click here for descent


These 5 Signers of the Magna Carta
do not have a known connection at this time
 #  Name Title Birth/Death Notes


John FitzRobert Clavering Lord of Warkworth Castle 1190 - 1240  


Robert Fitzwalter Lord of Dunmow Castle - 1235  


William de Huntingfield Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk    


William de Lanvallei Lord of Walkern and Standway Castle - 1217  


Geoffrey de Saye Baron 1155 - 1230  


These 8 signers of the Magna Carta
do not have any living descendants
 #  Name Title Birth/Death Notes
01. William de Fortibus Earl of Albemarle - 1242 no children after 3rd generation
02. William Hardel Mayor of the City of London - c1219 nothing known of family


Geoffrey de Mandeville Earl of Essex and Gloucester c1191 - 1216 no known surviving children


William Marshall Jr, Heir to the Earldom of Pembroke 1190 - 1231 no known surviving children


Roger de Montbegon Lord of Hornby Castle, Lancashire - 1226 no known surviving children


Richard de Montfichet Baron - 1267 no known surviving children


Richard de Percy Baron c1170 - 1244 no legitimate issue


Eustace de Vesci Lord of Alnwick Castle 1169 - 1216 no children after 4th generation


Societies and Publications
National Society - Magna Charta Dames and Barons

This society has a webpage for those interested in their organization.  Through an association with Brookfield Publishing Company, they show many immigrant connections to the signers including 12 for Robert Abell.  They also have detailed biographies for each signer.

"The Magna Charta Sureties, 1215" - 5th edition (Weis)

Lists ancestry of a number of colonists to the signers.  While my gateway ancestors are not listed, a number of the lines connect to their families making it a useful resource.


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