Videos Directed and Produced by
Tod Marshall






 A compilation of pictures and videos of my nephew Austin over the years. 07/10/10


 A compilation of pictures and videos of my niece Alexis over the years. 07/09/10

FAU 2010 Graduates

 Selected interviews of graduating 2010 MSW social work students. Graduate Phoenix Adams took the video of the students. 05/20/10

Monkey Business

 Clips from the movie "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" featuring  Chuck Berry's song "Too Much Monkey Business" (more info) 07/08/10

North Carolina
Trip 2010

 My September 2010 trip to the North Carolina mountains near Dillsboro to visit a high school roommate I haven't seen in 27 years! 09/25/10

Dance Video

 Compiled videos of extreme dancing and moves 11/13/15

Saudi Arabia House

 Our house in Dhahran Hills (1979-1985). 07/11/10

Kids & Nature

 Childhood movie scenes compiled from 9 movies with beautiful nature backgrounds. 03/27/11


 The Marshall family trip to Spain in 1980. 07/23/10

Vacation 1984
Part 1
Part 2

Part 3 

 The Marshall family vacation in 1984.  Places visited were Thailand, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Florida, Texas and Costa Rica.  Original edit done in 1984 using an Apple 2 computer with titles! 07/31/10


 The Marshall family Windjammer Barefoot Cruise on the Yankee Clipper to the West Indies in 1981. 07/12/10