The Mayflower Genealogy of Tod Marshall

1 Tod Marshall is the son of
2 William Edward Marshall He is the son of
3 Irene Sophia Schwiening born July 15, 1908 in Portales, New Mexico Territory, died June 8, 1992 in Clarkston, WA. Married William Edward Marshall on October 14, 1930. She is the daughter of
4 Grace Myrtle Hawk born August 18, 1885 in Armada, Nebraska, died December, 1984 in Portland, OR. Married Earnest Schwiening on August 5, 1903. She is the daughter of
5 Anna Irene Jones born April 18, 1868 in Eugene, IL, died February 9, 1936. Married Nathaniel Henry Hawk. She is the daughter of
6 Darius Benjamin Jones born August 9, 1834 in Jamestown, NE, died January 29, 1918. Married Margaret Cowen on November 29, 1857. Darius is the son of
7 Miles Jones born November 6, 1794, died in 1879. Married Pamela K Turner. He is the son of
8 Mehitable Adams born June 07, 1771 in Sandisfield, MA, died May 07, 1812 in Otis, MA. Married Miles Jones.  She is the daughter of
9 Samuel Adams born April 18, 1737 in Preston, Connecticut, died August 19, 1809 in Otis, Massachusetts.  Married Sarah Clark on March 28, 1759.  She is the daughter of Thomas Clark and Sarah Woodward.  Samuel is the son of
10 Richard Adams born June 03, 1708 in Preston, CT, died March 01, 1787. Married Susanna Preston on December 26, 1732.  Susanna is the daughter of John Preston and Mary Haines.  Richard is the son of
11 Mercy Leonard born Abt. 1673 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, died December 24, 1749.  Married Richard Adams in 1704.  He is the son of James Adams and Pricilla Ramsdell.  Mercy is the daughter of 
12 Samuel Leonard born Abt. 1643, died 1720 in Plymouth,Massachusetts. Married Abigail Wood in 1674. Abigail is the daughter of John Atwood and Sarah Masterson.  Samuel is the son of
13 Sarah Chandler born October 15, 1622 in Leyden, Holland, died August 15, 1658 in Boston, MA. Married Solomon Leonard abt. 1640.  She was the daughter of
14 Isabella Chilton born January 15, 1586 in Canterbury, Kent, England. Married Roger Chandler on July 21, 1615. She is the daughter of
15 James Chilton born Abt. 1563 in Canterbury, Kent, England, died December 18, 1620 on board the Mayflower. James was the oldest passenger onboard the Mayflower.


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