My Clevenger ancestors


01. John Clevenger was born about 1633 in England.  His wife's name was Mary.   She was born about 1637.  John is listed by many researchers as the father of George but I have not seen any source material connecting him outside of LDS records.


02. George Clevenger was Born in England in 1654 and died on April 17, 1684 in Yonkers, Westchester, New York.    By 1676 he was to be found on the Van Der Donck estate on the Hudson River in what is now Yonkers, Westchester County, New York. In that year he married Sarah Hadden who was born on the estate, the daughter of John Hadden and his wife Elizabeth. George died April 1684 and Sarah sometime prior to February 1691.  "George Clevenger was decd. by 1682 when his father-in-law, John Hadden, on 15 Jan. 1682/3 gave an exchange deed to William Davenport/Danford handing over his "right in land in Younghers on east side of brook where Wm. Chadderton now lives. I reserve five acres on that side of the brook towards the house that was George Clevengers" (etc.) (I Westchester Town Book; 60 N. Y. Geneal. & Biol. Record 112). He has reference number 1.0."  Source: "Clevenger Pioneers & Descendants", compiled by George R. Griffiths, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, 1980, pp. 16-20.


03. John Clevenger, son of George and Sarah was born about 1678 in Yonker's Plantation, Westchester Co., NY. He has reference number 2.0. Griffiths (1980) p. 20 ff: [John] appeared in a 1698 census of West Chester Town, NY, when he was listed as "sarvant" in the household of John Headen, his grandfather (18 NY G&B Rec. 129). After 1698 there is no mention of John[2] Clevenger in New York records. In 1699, however, a John Clevenger appears in the records of Monmouth Co., NJ. It seems to be a unanimous assumption by those of us pursuing this family that it is the same John Clevenger from New York who was in New Jersey from 1699 for some years. The assumption seems reasonable in view of the disappearance of John[2] from New records and the prompt appearance of a John Clevenger in New Jersey records. He was married to Mary about 1704.   Source: Ancestors of Gregory Alan Vault  He migrated to Burlington County in the West Province of New Jersey sometime before 1706. In 1714 both John Van Metre and John Clevenger were listed as debtors to the estate of John Bowne, a wealthy Monmouth County merchant. He died in Burlington County in 1746.  Source: Chris Hankins


04. George Clevenger, son of John and Mary was born about 1718 in Monmouth County, NJ.  He married Deliverance Horner, daughter of Joshua Horner and Mary on July 19, 1737 in Burlington County, New Hanover Twp., NJ.  "It is generally believed that he went with two or three brothers and several sons to the Shenandoah Valley of Va. about 1772. The absence of any will or administration in NJ tends to support a migration. There is no clear evidence in VA records of this George Clevenger, although there are George Clevenger records, probably of younger men. Nor is there documentary proof of those who might have gone with him from NJ to VA except certain Christian names common in NJ appear about 1777-1782 in various VA records. Family stories also sometimes contain the alleged birth in NJ of a VA ancestor.  A dubious claim has been made that George Clevenger died in VA ca. 1809. Although that date is possible it would more likely apply to a son. In either case there is no will or estate records to support the death of a George Clevenger c. 1809 (Tiffin; Somers)"  Sources: Clevenger Pioneers and Descendants by George Griffiths; Chris Hankins file on Rootsweb


05. Aden Clevenger, son of George and Deliverance was born on August 08, 1755 in Frederick County, VA.  He married Elizabeth abt 1778 in VA.   Clevenger Pioneers and Descendants by George R Griffiths, Page 184 states: "A letter in the Pension File, of Natl. Archives, from the Auditor, Treasury Dept., dated 29 July 1914 stated: "Payment in the case of Eben Clevenger, Private, Revolutionary War; Cert. 14469, Cincinnati, Ohio, made at $8.00 per month to Jan. 14, 1830, date of death to Cyrus Pearson, attorney for Fielden Clevenger, Jane Hankins, Mary Hankins, Levina McKehan, Elizabeth Cary, Hannah Romine, Delilah Haak, children and heirs."  He was also included in the Official Roster of Soldiers of the American Revolution who Lived in Ohio, V. II, p.94 (DAR).   "Enlisted December 1775 and served for three years. He served in the 11th Virginia Regiment with the rank of Private, under Colonel Daniel Morgan and Captain Charles Porterfield. He was pensioned (Certificate #14469) beginning 6 Sep 1819. Final payment was made to his estate on 14 Jan 1830 at Fayette Co, OH."


06. Delilah Minnie Clevenger, daughter of Aden and Elizabeth was born about 1792 in Frederick County, VA.   In 1804 she married Michael Hawk, son of Conrad and Sarah Catherine Williams.   They had 9 children together.  In 1824 Michael left Delilah.  Her name appears on the Madison Township, Fayette County tax records after 1825. The Federal Census of 1830 showed Delilah as head of the family with 3 sons and 5 daughters living with her, while Michael is shown in Pickaway County. Michael died interstate in 1833. Delilah, not holding deed to the farm in Fayette County, filed suit to settle the ownership problem.  I descend from their son David Hawk.


Migration pattern of my Clevenger family
England -- New York -- New Jersey -- Virginia -- Ohio


Surnames that married into my Clevenger family




Clevenger information on the internet
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My Descent From The Clevenger Line

Generation Father Mother
10 John Clevenger (1678-1746) Mary
9 George Clevenger (1718-1809) Deliverance Horner (1721-)
8 Aden Clevenger (1755-1829) Elizabeth (1759-1820)
7 Michael Hawk (1784-1833) Delilah Minnie Clevenger (1792-1860)
6 David Hawk (1819-1898) Eleanor Jones (1820-1890)
5 Nathaniel Henry Hawk (1858-1944) Anna Irene Jones (1868-1936)
4 Ernest August Schwiening (1873-1944) Grace Myrtle Hawk (1885-1984)
3 William Edward Marshall (1901-1981) Irene Sophia Schwiening (1908-1992)
2 William Edward Marshall
1 Tod Howard Marshall

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