My Alberti ancestors

The primary source of information on the Alberti line comes from the Parisho Family genealogy linked here.
It provides a very detailed history of the Alberti and related family lines.

01. Andrea Alberti, the first generation that I have found documented was born in 1578 in Venice, Italy.  He was Secretary of Treasury of the Ducal Palace in Venice. He came from the House of Alberti, who were among the wealthiest Florentine Merchants, Bankers from the 14th century, and Treasurers of the Pope for over 400 years. His wife was Lady Veronica Cremona who he married in 1604.  They had one known child, Pietro (Peter).


02. Pietro Caesaro Alberti, son of Andrea and Veronica was born on June 2, 1608 in Venice, Italy.  Pietro left Venice to escape religious persecution. He went to Holland and sailed from there on the ship De Coninch David (King David). On May 30, 1635, he landed in New Amsterdam. He was the first Italian settler in America. In 1639, he built a mansion and tobacco plantation at Wallabout. This plantation was later the site of the Brooklyn Navy yard. He married Judith Jans Manje on August 24, 1642, daughter of Jan and Martha (Chambert).  They had 7 children together before they were both killed by Indians in 1655. Dutch authorities took charge of the 6 living children who all grew up and married. The 7 children of Pietro and Judith are:

1 Jan (John) Alberti (See Below)
2 Marles (Martha) Alberti (Born in 1645)
3 Aert (Art) Alberti (Born April 14, 1647.  Died in 1690) Married Elizabeth May (Way)
4 Marie Alberti (Born June 27, 1649)  Married Jan Bandt
5 Francynte Alberti (Born April 2, 1649)  She died in 1653.
6 Willem (William) Alberti (Born March 31, 1652)  Married Mehitable
7 Francynte Alberti (Born May 3, 1654)  Married John Allourgen

03. Jan (John) Albertus, son of Pietro and Judith was born on August 31, 1643.  He married Elizabeth Scudder in Newtown, Queens, New York, daughter of John Scudder and Mary (King).  They had 6 children.  Jan died on April 1, 1691 in Newtown.  His wife Elizabeth married William Lawrence after his death and daughter Mehitabel married William's son from a previous marriage. The 6 children of Jan and Elizabeth are:  

1 William Albertus (Born in 1666) Married Elizabeth VanderVoort
2 Jan Alburtis (See Below)
3 Samuel Alburtus (Born in 1670.  Died October 14, 1762)
4 Elizabeth Albertus (Born in 1672) Married John Stewart
5 Mehitabal Albertus (Born in 1675) Married step-brother James Lawrence
6 Deliverance Albertus (Born in 1677) Married Mr. Graves

04. Jan Alburtis, son of Jan and Elizabeth was born in 1668 in Hempstead, Long Island, New York.  He married Sarah Ellison, daughter of Richard Ellison and Alice Lawrence. They had 4 known children with an "expected child" in 1709 whose name was never discovered. Jan died in 1709 in New Jersey.  The 4 children of Jan and Sarah are:

1 John Alburtis (Born in 1698)
2 Richard Alburtis (Born in 1700, Died in 1767) Married Ann Bullock
3 Mary Alburtis (See Below)
4 Sarah Alburtis (Born in 1705) Married Hugh Wilcox

05. Mary Burtis, daughter of Jan and Sarah was born abt. 1703.  She married Robert Worthington, son of John and Mary (Owen) on July 31, 1729 in New Jersey. They had 3 known children which are listed on the Worthington page. 

I descend from their daughter Martha who married Samuel Pearson.


Migration pattern of my Alberti family
Italy -- New York --New Jersey


Surnames that married into my Alberti family






Alberti Day


June 2nd is Alberti Day in celebration of Pietro Alberti.

Click HERE for more information on the marker in Battery Park.
Click HERE to read the interesting history of John N. LaCorte who founded Alberti Day


Alberti information on the internet - A great website that is devoted to "perpetuating the names of those of Italian heritage that have contributed to the betterment of humankind."  Click HERE to see Pietro's page on the site. - A detailed ancestry of Pietro though 5 generations to Mary Burtis.
Click here for a Facebook group about Alberti descendants - Forum for discussing the Alberti line


Books -"Long Island's First Italian, 1639".  Online book published in 1943 about Peter's life.


My Descent From The Alberti Line

Generation Father Mother
14 Andrea Alberti (1578-) Veronica Cremona
13 Pietro Alberti (1608-1655) Judith Jawse Manje
12 Jan Albertis (1643-1691) Elizabeth Scudder (1648-)
11 Jan Albertis (1668-1708) Sarah Ellison (1671-1710)
10 Robert Worthington (1663-1735) Mary Burtis (1703-1798)
9 Samuel Pearson (1724-1790) Martha Worthington (1732-)
8 Enoch Pearson (1751-1790) Phoebe DeMoss (1752-1841)
7 Charles Paty (1788-1849) Phoebe Pearson (1789-1868)
6 Martin Furnas (1801-1849) Marcena Patty (1805-1882)
5 Thomas Marshall (1822-1870) Rhoda Furnas (1824-1906)
4 William Frank Marshall (1845-1909) Nancy Emily Crewse (1860-1936)
3 William Edward Marshall (1901-1981) Irene Sophia Schwiening (1908-1992)
2 William Edward Marshall
1 Tod Howard Marshall


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