This is the will of George Abell of Hemington, Leicestershire, England.
The source: Boston Transcript, Nov. 17, 1926.

The authority for the statement that Robert Abell of Rehoboth, Mass.--name given in first list of Freeman of Massachusetts May 18, 1631--was a son of George Abell of Hemington Leicestershire, Eng., is found in the will of George Abell proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury Feb. 7, 1631. This will was found by John Matthews, genealogist of London. It has been seen by a visiting

American, who was interested, and the copy made by Mr. Matthews found to be authentic. The will is dated Sept. 8, 1630. A copy reads:

I, George Abell, of Hemington, in the county of Leicester, gentieman, being sicke in bodye, but of good and perfect memory etc.--And for that portion of worldly estate and goods I doe devise and bequeath the same in manner and form following:

Item. I bequeath unto my third sonne--Richard Abell Tenn pounds of good and lawful English money to be disposed for his benefit until the time of his apprenticeship shall have ended, and expired, and my will is that my brother, Andrew Cotton, of Cumbermere in the countie of Chester--gentleman, shall have the disposint of it for his aforesaid benefit for the time above named.

Item. I bequeath unto my 2nd sonne, Robert Abell, onelie a 20 shilling piece, for his childs parte in regard of the charges I have been at in placinge him in a good trade in London wch hee hath made noe use of and since in furnishing him for New England--where I hope he now is.

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Abell all the monie or coyne that nowe is at my decease out of this transitorie life shall be in her owne possession and custodie, with all the mault rock lyeth in the chamber on the left hand of the stairs, as we go to the mault room. And my will is that shee shall have halfe the sheeps wch are or shall be betwixt her and me at my decease.

Item. All the rest of my goods, chattels and debts with all other my worldlie estate whatsoever I give and bequeath to the use of my wife Frances and George Abell mine eldest sonne. And my will is that my above named brother Andrew Cotton, with the advice of my brother George Cotton Esquire of Cumbermere aforesaid have the disposing of the same for the taking of something either for life, lives or for years for them what shall seem best in both their judgments. And my will is

further that my said wife shall have halfe the profits thereof during her natural life, and my aforesaid sonne George Abell to have the reversion and remainder to him and his whatsoever. And I do hereby constitute and appoint my aforesaid brother Andrew Cotton, my sole executor of this my last will and testament, hopine that he will faithfully perform the same according to the trust I have reposed in him, and for his paines to be taken therein I shall give him the best saddle horse wch I have or shall have at my decease. And I doe make overseers hereof of my loving brother George Cotton, before named, and my approved good friend Sir Richard Harper of Little Over, in the countie of Derbie Knight.

I have hereunto sett my seal and subscribed my name.

George Abell.